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Leeds climate experts address global leaders at pivotal COP26 climate conference

COP26 Research Fellow Harriet Thew (pictured above) will take part in discussions around climate education and youth empowerment in the Blue...

Srebrenica: Virtual Exhibition marks 25th year since Bosnian genocide

Fifty years after the world said “Never Again” to the horrors of the Holocaust, genocide took place on European soil.

“India must treat Kashmir as a great democracy should”

She said: "Just look at the case of Asrar Ahmad Khan. Despite the denials of the Indian Government, medical records and scans released by the hospital present irrefutable evidence that he died as the result of a shotgun pellet to the head.

Eight bullets and five-week coma

Gripping first-hand story of survivor of Peshawar school terrorist attack brings audience to tears at International Peace Day event   A living survivor of the horrific...

UN-believable opportunity

Leeds lad heads Stateside for United Nations meet-up A politically charged teenager from Leeds has been tasked with taking the voice and views of the...

An undercurrent of disaster

Global fish consumption hits record high United Nations data has shown Global per capita fish consumption has hit a record high, passing the 20kg per...

‘Greater rights for migrants’

Protest staged in call for ‘open society’ Leeds’ diverse community engaged in a small peaceful demonstration outside the city’s Home Office last week to mark...