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MAY TO STAY: Conservatives will work with DUP to proceed with Brexit

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Mrs May has signalled her intention to carry on in Downing Street, saying the country needs "stability" with the start of Brexit negotiations ten days away

Mrs May has signalled her intention to carry on in Downing Street, saying the country needs "stability" with the start of Brexit negotiations ten days away


After one of the most-watched election campaigns, Theresa May was left clinging onto her role as Prime Minister.

Election ended in hung Parliament: Conservatives with 319 seats and Labour 261. Theresa May, despite losing her Commons majority, now intends to form government with DUP to 'provide certainty' and keep country 'safe'

32 million votes out of a possible out of 46.9 million, had been counted witnessing this general election as the highest turnout of voters in 25 years.

Theresa May's government 'will carry on Brexit negotiations to the existing timetable’, as Jeremy Corbyn hails Labour's 'incredible result' and calls for May to resign.

The Tories are eight seats short of the 326-figure needed to command a majority win, and are 12 seats worse off than before the election.

Combined, the Tories and the DUP’s 10 seats, would have 329 MPs in the Commons.

Meanwhile, Labour has said it is also ready to form a minority government of its own, after far exceeding expectations by picking up 29 seats in England, Wales and Scotland.

This election has been one of the most-contested in recent years. It’s seen record numbers of female MPs elected, as well as the first female Sikh MP Preet Gill - who’s held the Birmingham, Edgbaston seat for Labour with 24,124 votes.

The figures point to a sharp increase in young voters adding their names to the register, with around two-thirds – 453,000 – of the new voters to sign up on deadline day aged between 18 and 34.

The number of voters this year is the highest since 33.6 million voted in 1992, when Conservative leader John Major made it four general election wins in a row for the Tories.

It is the highest level since the 1997 General Election.

YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Get registered to vote for the General Elections

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Deadline to register to vote is 22nd May

People who plan to vote in next month’s General Election need to ensure they are registered to vote, if they are not already registered.

To register, people just need their date of birth and National Insurance Number. They can do this online at or they can contact their local Electoral Services.

The General Elections have been set for 8th June, when everyone has their chance to vote. But only those who are registered will receive a polling card and be eligible to vote. This needs to be done by Monday, 22nd May.

Being on the electoral register not only enables residents to vote in elections or referendums, but can also have a positive impact on individual’s credit ratings. When people apply for things like insurance, mobile phones or energy contracts, credit agencies check their address against the Electoral Register.

Not registering to vote, being registered to vote at an old address, or adding the wrong details on the electoral roll can mean people find it difficult to get insurance, loans or mortgages, access legal and accountancy services, open savings accounts or get a passport.

The Electoral Register can also affect applications for certain jobs, such as those within financial services.