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Daughter of late Bradford poet shares nostalgic images of growing up in the city

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ATRIST: Nabeelah Hafiz’s exhibition brings images together with poetry from both herself and her father in both English and Urdu

Nabeelah Hafeez brings her experience of growing up in the Pakistani community in Bradford to Kala Sangam, through images and words captured by Nabeelah and her late father the Poet Mohammed Hafeez Johar.

When the late Bradford based poet Mohammad Hafeez Johar passed away one of his prized possessions – a pentax camera –  to his daughter Nabeelah Hafeez, a promising poet in her own right.

“Memories of my homeland. These are burnt into my heart. But now this city is also in my blood.” Extract from ‘Home’ by late Bradford poet Mohammad Hafeez Johar

ON DISPLAY: Pictures capturing Bradford from the 70s, 80s and 90s give an air of nostalgia

‘Through my Father’s Lens’ brings together poetry from both father and daughter in both English and Urdu. These words will be accompanied by photographs of Bradford from the 70s, 80s and 90s taken by Hafeez Johar, and images of Bradford captured by Nabeelah using that same treasured camera.

In words and images the exhibition aims to provide an insight into the lives of the Pakistani community in the city, showing migration as a journey of identity through the experience of second and third generation migrants.

The exhibition is free entry and runs until Thursday 12th April, drop in anytime between Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm. Please book your place in advance:



Art gets a workout: Inspiring the next generation of artists

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SIKH SCRIBBLES: There were some beautiful pieces at the show

SIKH SCRIBBLES: There were some beautiful pieces at the show

World renowned artworks were showcased in unusual surroundings on Saturday 18th June, when the Sikh Art Exhibition had its official opening at the Khalsa Fitness gym in Bradford.

The main objective of the project was to allow those who attend the gym to get a better understanding of Sikh inspirational figures and gain an overview of the ‘spiritual guidance’ the Sri Guru Granth Sahib provides in Sikh’s everyday lives.

Over 300 adults and children attended the jam-packed event.

INSPIRING THE NEXT GENERATION: The children at the event may be future stars of the art world

INSPIRING THE NEXT GENERATION: The children at the event may be future stars of the art world

Each piece of art was accompanied with a detailed description to enable the observer to be inspired and spiritually uplifted, whilst working up a sweat at the gym.

The gym itself is part of the Gudwara complex and Sam Singh, a volunteer there said: “We had the idea a year ago to brighten and spruce the place up a bit.

“We hunted for artworks around the world, obviously this took some time. Everything exploded from there.”

He added: “We wanted to give our community a little something else. To inspire people to have steel and determination so they themselves can make it as artists. It’s also good to throw spirituality into the mix.”

“We have a vast selection of artists out there now. It’s going against the grain a bit, but we want to inspire the next generation of budding artists.”

The artists that attended were InkquisitiveRaj Singh Tattal the PentacularartistLOHA DesignsArt by RupyArt SikhTaran3DGng Bradford and IminderArts.

The event had two objectives, one was to open the exhibition and the other was to encourage young people into the world of art.

On the opening of the event, three artists gave brief presentations on how they became interested in art and the challenges they faced.

This was followed by a drawing session for the kids with guidance from the artists, before the permanent art exhibition in the gym was finally opened.

ART STAR: Amandeep Singh, also known as Inkquisitive, took some time out of his busy schedule to share his artistic insight with children

ART STAR: Amandeep Singh, also known as Inkquisitive, took some time out of his busy schedule to share his artistic insight with children

“Coming from an Asian background, kids are encouraged by their parents to be doctors and lawyers,” Sam added, “but we want to show that you can try and open other doors.

“Your child can reach these stratospheres too, with hard-work and determination.”

Mini-art-ure: Microscopic art exhibition coming to Manchester

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MINISCULE: Much of Willard Wigan’s art is so small it requires a microscope to see

MINISCULE: Much of Willard Wigan’s art is so small it requires a microscope to see

A British micro-artist whose tiny sculptures have been described as the eighth wonder of the world is currently exhibiting some of his finest work at Central Library.

Willard Wigan MBE is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for sculpting works of art so small, they have to be viewed through a microscope.

Born in 1957 in Wolverhampton, Wigan began his artistic life at a tender age. Experiencing learning differences, he struggled at school and found solace in creating art of such minute proportions that it could not be seen with the naked eye.

He adopted the belief that if his work could not be seen, then it and he could not be criticised. Often described as ‘nothing’, Wigan set about to show the world that ‘nothing’ did not exist.

“My work is a reflection of myself,” says Wigan. “I wanted to show the world that the little things can be the biggest things.

“At school, I couldn’t express myself and felt like ‘nothing.’ I wanted to experiment with the world that we can’t see.”

The boy who was told he would amount to nothing was honoured with an MBE for his services to art in 2007.

Wigan says he does not enjoy creating the pieces, as the work is painful and difficult. But he enjoys the discipline his art gives him and gets pleasure from giving the finished work to the public to experience.

Wigan enters a meditative state in which his heartbeat is slowed, allowing him to reduce hand tremors and sculpt between pulse beats. Even reverberation caused by outside traffic can affect Wigan’s work.

Wigan’s artistic genius was recognised by the world-leading Technology, Entertainment and Design institute (TED), where he was invited to be the keynote speaker during the 2009 World Conference, receiving with it a TED achievement award.

In 2012, Wigan was commissioned to replicate the Coronation Crown in celebration of HRH Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. The delivered artwork is now housed at Buckingham Palace.

Following his late mothers guiding advice, Wigan continues to challenge himself by striving to make each work even smaller: “The smaller your work, the bigger your name.”

Wigan’s goal remains quite simple; to inspire others with his micro-sculptures and to encourage others to live to their fullest potential.

Executive Member for Culture and Leisure, Councillor Rosa Battle, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Willard Wigan and his truly amazing work to Central Library. This is the first ever opportunity to see his unique, ground-breaking sculptures in Manchester - and it's an exhibition not to be missed.”

‘Willard Wigan: Through the Eye of a Needle’ runs up until Saturday 28th May.

New exhibition created by young people set to open at Leeds Art Gallery

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A new exhibition of work created by young people from ten schools in the city has just opened at Leeds Art Gallery.

Showcased in the Artspace section of Leeds Art Gallery, over 280 young people participated in the project. Over 60 selected artworks were produced which were created using a range of skills and techniques from print making and painting to sculpture, film and installation that form part of the ‘Look into My World’ exhibition.

Themes used as inspiration by the young people for the artwork included the exploration of their favourite things, memories, experiences and relationships through to creating characters and imaginary worlds of their own.

An example of the work produced by young people in the ‘Look into My World’ exhibition at Leeds Art Gallery (Picture credit: David Lindsay)

An example of the work produced by young people in the ‘Look into My World’ exhibition at Leeds Art Gallery (Picture credit: David Lindsay)

The ‘Look into my World’ project began in September 2013, when young people aged 7 to 17, from six primary schools and four secondary schools enjoyed a special visit to Leeds City Museum and Leeds Art Gallery.

As part of the trip, the work of popular international author and illustrator Anthony Browne and the humorous and serious stories he portrayed was explored at Leeds City Museum, while at Leeds Art Gallery, contemporary art and the way that artists work was investigated.

Experience in making sculptures was also provided to groups, while workshops were also delivered in schools by artists Kate Genever and Lou Sumray to further develop imaginative ways of working with pupils, where they were encouraged to express their own ideas that have subsequently inspired this unique exhibition.

Primary Schools featuring in the project were: Allerton CE Primary, Alwoodley Primary, Holy Family Catholic Primary, Ireland Wood Primary, Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary and Stanningley Primary.

Participating secondary schools included Benton Park, Crawshaw and Guiseley.

Available to view at the Art Gallery until 1 June 2014, the project has been delivered in partnership with ArtForms, Leeds College of Art and Studio 12 with funding support from Arts Council England.

Councillor Lucinda Yeadon, Leeds City Council’s executive member for leisure & skills said: "We undertake a lot of work with pupils of all ages in our schools, and it is brilliant when a project such as this one which we have developed with partners, results in a fantastic exhibition at one of our city museum and gallery sites.

"On display at Artspace in Leeds Art Gallery, the standard of work in the ‘Look into My World’ exhibition really is superb, and is another example of the great young artistic talent that exists in our city."


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