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Seven at Seven

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CHAMP: Esa passed his blue belt grading last month without any mistakes to earn a distinction

CHAMP: Esa passed his blue belt grading last month without any mistakes to earn a distinction

Kickboxing prodigy continues rise to top

Bradford’s ‘kickboxing kid’ has continued on his rise to the top in the sport after clinching his seventh belt, a month before his eighth birthday.

Esa Hussain, from Great Horton, collected his blue belt in December after flying through his required moves and combinations without a single mistake.

In order to earn the belt, a student must successfully complete 24 individual moves and four combinations as well as all previous skills required for his past six belts.

SONY DSCNot only did Esa fly through his new moves, but passed with a distinction.

The sporting enthusiast’s father, Amjad Hussain, said he was extremely proud of his son’s achievements and would continue to support him in the sport.

“He has been telling me for a long time that he wanted his blue belt at seven, and now he has it he is really happy,” he said.

“He flew through it really and has previously only got passes so to get a distinction is really special.

“There is no stopping him at the moment and he is now really focussed on achieving his next milestone at eight-years-old.”

There seems to be no stopping the Hollingwood Primary School pupil at the moment who only has his sights set on further excelling in the sport he has been involved for around four years.

With tournaments and belts up for grabs in the next 12 months, the young competitor described his blue belt as just his latest achievement.

“I enjoy the sparring side of it most and winning,” he said. “When I got my blue belt I was really happy because I had trained really hard for it and didn’t make one mistake.

“Now, I just want to just keep training hard and get my brown belt as soon as I can and then get my black belt.”

Excellent Esa

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A junior Bradford kickboxer has continued on his rise to the top after picking up his latest accolade last month.

Seven-year-old Esa Hussain picked up the green belt, his fourth belt in the sport, after successfully passing the grade with a near-flawless routine.

CHAMP: Esa Hussain was celebrating last month after picking up his green belt in kickboxing at just seven-years-old

CHAMP: Esa Hussain was celebrating last month after picking up his green belt in kickboxing at just seven-years-old

Having to learn and memorise 25 new moves, the young martial arts ace made just one mistake throughout the whole examination to comfortably walk away with his award, safe in the knowledge that hard work does pay off.

Esa’s father, Amjad Hussain, says he has noticed that his son has recently begun to mature into a dedicated athlete and he more than deserved his latest belt.

“He’s begun putting in double the time now,” Amjad said. “Ever since he turned seven, you just can see it in him that he is becoming more mature and more confident in his own abilities.

“The green belt was his hardest one yet and he has been training non-stop for it; mornings before school, after school, before he goes to bed, all the time just training to get that belt.

“Now he’s done it, he is doing the same thing again for the next one. I am always incredibly proud of him and to hear him asking me if he can do more classes and spend more time training, it makes me aware that he does love the sport.”

Esa has an array of trophies, certificates and other accolades at his home, yet there seems to be no-stopping the drive behind the Hollingwood Primary School pupil, who only has his eyes set on more success.

“I want to see how far I can go,” he said. “The next belt is the purple one so I am focussed on gaining that one. There are tournaments coming up as well which I really want to win.

“It is hard work but I always enjoy it.”

Esa may still be one of the youngest members at his kickboxing club, yet with more training and more tournaments on the horizon, he could soon be on his way to becoming one of the most decorated competitors in the whole squad.

Kickboxing king

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At just six-years-old Esa Hussain has already started to build up an impressive collection of kickboxing titles and his latest achievement signals yet another phenomenal feat.

Having already clinched his White, Yellow and Orange belts in the sport, as well as a number of trophies, Esa made it a fantastic four last week as he picked up his Red Belt and continued his remarkable progression.

More than a year younger than any of his fellow Red belt competitors, the young martial art ace had to master more than 60 moves and 14 combinations in order to receive the latest accolade.


Speaking after winning the award, the Hollingwood Primary School pupil said he was very proud of his achievement and explained why he loves the hard-hitting sport.

“I began kickboxing when I was four,” he said. “I like everything about it; it is hard to say just one thing.

“When I won my Red Belt I was very proud because it meant I had done all my White belt moves, Yellow belt moves and Orange belt moves, as well as the new set whilst only making one mistake.”

Esa has been kickboxing for almost three years now with the tutorship of Mr Azar Farooq.

Through regular training and competitions the fighting prodigy has broken record after record and aspires to one day be like his idols, Amir and Haroon Khan.

His father, Amjad Hussain, spoke of how he will always back his son in whatever career he decides to pursue and will always support his decision.

He said: “Obviously I am really proud of him and I do push him hard to be honest. We really wanted to get this latest award before he turned seven in January so it was a good day when he won it.

“Initially Esa took up the sport when he turned four and came home with a number of a local club he had got off his friend. After a bit of pestering we took him down and thankfully he was allowed to train despite being so young.

Mr Hussain added that the road to success is a long one for anybody yet believes his son has the ability to succeed.

Esa Hussain

Esa Hussain

“A really special day happened earlier this year when Esa actually met Amir Khan, who is his idol,” he said. “He told Amir he wanted to be like him when he was older and Amir invited him to give him a punch.

“Of course he did and Amir said ‘Wow that was very good’ which was obviously great for Esa to hear and only made him want to succeed more.”

Esa will next be in competition in January 2014, and with his seventh birthday arriving in the same month, the greatest present of all could well be another first place trophy.