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‘F-ck You Muslims’ spray painted on school wall

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Canadian councillors praised and thanked for their expeditious efforts to promptly remove racist graffiti

Racist graffiti has promptly been removed from the walls of a Muslim school in Toronto’s eastern region, Scarborough, after a city councillor spotted the hateful messages spray-painted on the brick walls.

The Toronto Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker who discovered the expletive-filled vandalism while out for a morning walk, denounced the defacing of Wali ul Asr East learning institution on Tuesday 23rd May, which had been spray painted with racial rhetoric.

“The first thing I thought is ‘I can’t let the kids see this tomorrow morning,” said Baeremaeker.“It’s disgusting. It’s not who we are.”

“I can’t imagine a 5-year-old or 10-year-old innocent child coming to school and parents having to walk past this type of hateful, racist graffiti.” Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker

The racist graffiti messages, which read “FUCK U MUSLIMS,” was first obscured by vehicles before being removed from the walls of the school by workers. The messages were spray-painted in red and black on the brick walls of the school.

“They come early to play basketball, they come early to study, they come early because they love school,” he said to CTV News, a Canadian news agency. “

“We’re going to have 250 kids come here this morning. We don’t want them to see that as they walk into school. I can’t imagine a 5-year-old or 10-year-old innocent child coming to school and parents having to walk past this type of hateful, racist graffiti.”

The local Muslim community have thanked Toronto Council for acting so expedtiously, while Wali ul Asr Muslim school said that they were grateful to the city councillors, the city crews and the larger community for the outpouring of support that they’ve received since the incident.

“The actions of a misguided individual does not change the spirit of coexistence that is an integral part of the fabric of the Canadian society. We plan to use this incident as a positive learning experience for our students and have them focus on the exceptional support we are receiving,” said a spokesperson for the school.

Wali ul Asr school has several campuses ranging from kindergarten to Grade 12.

“In these holy days of Ramadan, we thank Allah for being part of a respectful and tolerant society; the actions of a misguided individual does not change the spirit of co-existence that is an integral part of the fabric of the Canadian Society,” they added.

Other graffiti, which crossed out words in red spray paint on a school sign and depicted a middle finger, was being washed off early Tuesday afternoon.

Toronto's Mayor, John Tory, spoke out saying that this type of hatred is “unacceptable at any time but it is disturbing someone would choose to do this during Ramadan.” He urged police to “use every effort to track down whoever did this.”

City officials said detectives are investigating the incident as “mischief “relating to the property.

The courts will, at a later date, be tasked to determine whether the act falls under the category of a hate crime.

“This is not who we are in the City of Toronto,” Jim Karygiannis, councillor for Scarborough-Agincourt, responded. “This is just one individual — deranged individual — that needs to be charged, and I hope that the full force of the police comes underneath him.”

This is the third such incident at the school.

Both councillors Karygiannis and De Baeremaeker have requested funding to install surveillance equipment. "We live in a city where diversity is our strength, that's our motto," Karygiannis said. "For somebody to do this, it gets me very upset."

F*** your turban: Racist posters cause international outrage

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COOL AS FUNK:  The posters were a satirical response and have since gone viral on Twitter

COOL AS FUNK: The posters were a satirical response and have since gone viral on Twitter

On Monday 19th September, at least 12 racist posters were found on a campus of an American University.

The posters, which have since been removed by the University of Alberta, were titled: ‘Fu*k your turban’ and featured a photo of a Sikh man wearing a turban.

It also stated: ‘If you're so obsessed with your third-world culture, go the fu*k back to where you came from!’

At the bottom of the poster there was a website link to ‘Immigration Watch Canada’, an organisation that aims to dramatically reduce immigration levels to Canada.

The organisation issued a statement on its website on Tuesday saying it did not sanction the distribution of the material and denounced their use.

The statement issued by the group said: “We wish to inform our supporters that we strongly condemn this flyer and permission was not sought from our board for this to be circulated.

“We strongly believe in dissecting the immigration issue with constructive arguments, supported by irrefutable facts. We do not support flyers taking on a strictly vulgar and emotionally-charged narrative.”

The World Sikh Organization of Canada also issued a statement condemning the posters following the incident.

As a response to the incident, the group posted a meme with the hashtag #FunkYourTurban, which has since gone viral online.

The meme was a satirical response to the racist posters and features a photo of a turbaned Sikh man with the caption ‘Turbans Are Cool As Funk’ written across it.

It was created by Calgary-based campaign strategist Zain Velji, a former student at the University of Alberta.

The Federal Minister of National Defence in Canada, Harjit Sajjan, himself a turbaned Sikh, said on Twitter: “Proud to be Canadian, proud of my service to Canada, proud of my turban.”

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, added on the same media platform: “We're proud of the enormous contributions Sikhs make to this country every day.”

Sukhi Sivia releases second song after Dr Zeus debut

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Sukhi Sivia releases canada (350x350)After the huge global impact of his debut single 'Sarkara' produced by musical maestro Dr Zeus, Sukhi Sivia is back with his second installment, this time a more mellow approach with 'Canada'.

Sarkara remained in the Asian Download Chart for over 25 weeks and firmly placed Sukhi on the musical map.

Originally from Punjab but now living in the UK, he returned to India recently after 5 years and recorded 'Canada' with his father the famous lyricist Swarn Sivia.

Sukhi explains: "It was a great honour to be back home with my family as I had promised them I wouldn't return without making a mark in our music industry. Recording Canada with my father was unplanned, it just happened and was definitely an added bonus to my trip home".

The concept of the video behind Canada is about a guy falling in love with a girl in India who then moves to Canada. He decides to fly over and give her a pleasant surprise but soon discovers that she's changed and forgotten about her culture!

The music was produced by the impressive 'Desi Crew' who have previously worked on some Punjabi blockbuster movies as well as for a number of high profile music artists including Gippy Grewal and Geeta Zailder. They are currently working with Jazzy B.

'Canada' is released on the Merci Records label and out now on iTunes and other digital outlets.