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ARTZ-I: Discover Islamic treasures in the heart of Bradford

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Bradford’s number one Islamic art dealership is continuing on its mission to showcase pieces from around the world as Artz-I present international creations in the heart of the city centre.

New designs have recently been imported from Bangladesh and Spain, whilst stunning in-house creations are available from the three-floor building.

Mohammed Rasul is one of the directors in the business.

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He said: “Our art is not only reflective of the predominantly Islamic nations, but we take inspiration from all around the world.

“During a recent trip to Granada, we saw some amazing Islamic art pieces made from leather, unlike any designs we had ever seen before. They are now hanging in our upstairs studio alongside dozens of expressive creations.”

Artz-I opened its doors in 2014, as a lifestyle, arts and interior showroom. Since then, the reputation has grown on an international scale, with orders from almost every continent placed over the past two years.

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artz-i art (338x450)The top-floor art gallery continues to draw in intrigued customers from around the country, as they compare Eastern and Western styles of Islamic art, from calligraphy to oil paintings and everything in between.

The best-seller remains the iconic ’99 names of Allah (God)’ creation, constructed by the Artz-I team.

On it, 99 raised travertine tiles have been inscribed with the different titles of God, styled on a material backdrop and elegantly framed.

The perfect centre-piece for a home or office environment, all types of clientele have fallen in love with the art which will soon be available in a landscape design.

“I remember growing up and learning all the different names for God and when you are young you do not necessarily appreciate it as much,” Mohammed added.


“Today, I see these names and they are all so relatable. I think this piece is so popular because of that reason. People see it and they feel an instant connection.”

Meanwhile, new to the Artz-I collection this year are the 3D calligraphy creations. Flowing Arabic lettering naturally entwines itself for a stunning finish, set against a selection of simple backdrops for an emphatic finish.

Created exclusively in-house by bespoke machinery, it is a unique concept which is unavailable anywhere else in the country.

“Our in-house design team are always finding new ways to express themselves through Islamic art and that is how we are able to keep producing so many individual pieces in Bradford,” Mohammed added.

“A good piece of art does something that nothing else can. It can bring people together without any words and touch all your senses.”

For a gift to yourself or others, head down to Artz-I and be a part of the art revolution.


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54-60 Sunbridge Road,



Tel: 01274 392192

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ARTZ-I: Bradford’s number one Islamic art retailers

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For the past six months, one business in Bradford has been committed to bringing a new standard of Islamic art to the city, and with more designs available now than ever before, there has never been a better time to call down.

Artz-i, based in the iconic corner building on Sunbridge Road, opposite the old TJ Hughes building, have become renowned across the region for their unique display of Islamic art in their spacious second-floor art gallery.

With hundreds of pieces on show, from travertine tiles to appliqué textiles, and oil paintings to 3D prints, calligraphy art has never been so expansive nor eye-catching.

The vast selection on offer provides every customer with something for their home or office, whether it is a small display item or the centrepiece for a home.

Mohammed Rasul is one of the directors at Artz-i and explained how the company were committed to supporting art, with imports from around the world, partnering their own transcendent in-house designs.

“We have a very large collection of Arabic calligraphy on show here with pieces handcrafted from Istanbul to Cairo,” he said.

SONY DSC“There is nowhere else like this in Europe never mind the UK and Bradford and the response has been amazing since our opening. 

“We have had people from all walks of life from all around the region visit the store, all amazed to see something like this in Bradford. 

“Smaller items can be the perfect gift for that ‘hard-to-buy-for’ relation whilst some of our more iconic pieces really do need to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. 

“We have even had people coming into the gallery, just to sit down to look at the art and reflect. This is what we wanted.” 

Amongst those who currently have artwork on show at Artz-i is Eric Broug, with his distinctive piece, the Tenfold Neon Star, on display on the ground floor.

Based on the division of five (or ten) equal sections, for centuries the shape has been considered the most challenging and rewarding creative sub-discipline in Islamic geometric design.

For sale at Artz-i, Bourg’s neon-lit design makes, as he says, ‘the star the star’, and is yet another unique creation on show at the Bradford store.

“The neon star has certainly caught the eye of many customers since its installation in-store,” Mohammed added. 

“It is just a small taste of what we have on offer and I would urge any and everyone to come down and see what else is on offer.”

As well as being leaders in the Islamic art industry, the stylish lifestyle and gift store also retails a host of eye-catching products with something for every preference and budget.

From brass and copper ornaments, to contemporary and classical household furnishings, hundreds of individualistic items can be picked up from the retailer.

Call down today and pick yourself up a treat this festive season.


Contact details

54-60 Sunbridge Road,

Bradford, BD1 2AB

Tel: 01274 392192


ARTZ-I: Showcasing Bradford’s finest collection of Islamic art

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The Artz-I partners (l-r) Fuad Khan, Tehreem Rasul and Mohammed Rasul

The Artz-I partners (l-r) Fuad Khan, Tehreem Rasul and Mohammed Rasul

Whether you are looking for a unique gift for a special friend or a piece of art to act as a focal point in your home or office, Artz-I has the perfect contemporary or classic Islamic design for you.

With an expansive showroom exhibiting over 100 pieces of intricate art, the Bradford-based business has quickly established itself as a reputable supplier of must-see, must-have designs. 

From winding calligraphy imported from Istanbul, to oil paintings from Pakistan and in-house creations, there is a painting, carving or design waiting for you. 

Mohammed Rasul established Artz-i with business partners, Tehreem Rasul and Fuad Khan, and explained more about the exciting exhibition gallery on the third floor.


“When we opened Artz-I, we wanted to combine our sales floors of furniture and handicrafts from around the world, with something completely unique, not only in Bradford but probably in the whole of the UK – a dedicated Islamic art Gallery,” he said.

“In the coming months, we hope to exhibit even more locally-produced Islamic art because there are a lot of talented artists in this area yet no platform to show their work.

“Even though there are websites out there, we have found that art lovers much prefer to see art work in the flesh, rather than online. 

“We do not expect our customers to have to pay above their means to purchase a piece of art, and that is why we give all artists a chance – ensuring you are not simply paying more for a ‘name’.”


As well as traditional canvas paintings, calligraphy designs are also available on framed travertine stone, giving an aged and authentic look, and proving extremely popular with customers.

All sizes are available, with an in-house framing service helping to make any modifications you need to create the framed work you desire.

Meanwhile, customers can find unique embossed gold and silver-foiled wall art, designed and completed by Artz-I’s own team of artists for the more individual creations.

“We try to showcase the widest variety of Islamic art we can in our showroom,” Mohammed added. “Everybody has different tastes and that is reflected in our range.”


Keep an eye out for upcoming exhibitions at Artz-I with a collection of local artists having a chance to shine in November.

Working in collaboration with Bradford council, the expansive showroom will showcase all types of art and give the public a chance to pick up a unique piece, perfect for their living room wall or in their office, setting them apart from the rest.  

In Early 2016, an international exhibition will also be held, with the focus once again on unique Islamic creations.

“This is a big aim of ours, to bring together local and international talent, to form a unique showroom,” Mohammed said.

“Since opening our doors, we have had orders from all around the world, from London to New York, and we look forward to seeing even more new faces walk through our doors in coming weeks.”


54-60 Sunbridge Road,

Bradford, BD1 2AB

Tel: 01274 392192