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Bradford’s number one Islamic art dealership is continuing on its mission to showcase pieces from around the world as Artz-I present international creations in the heart of the city centre.

New designs have recently been imported from Bangladesh and Spain, whilst stunning in-house creations are available from the three-floor building.

Mohammed Rasul is one of the directors in the business.

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He said: “Our art is not only reflective of the predominantly Islamic nations, but we take inspiration from all around the world.

“During a recent trip to Granada, we saw some amazing Islamic art pieces made from leather, unlike any designs we had ever seen before. They are now hanging in our upstairs studio alongside dozens of expressive creations.”

Artz-I opened its doors in 2014, as a lifestyle, arts and interior showroom. Since then, the reputation has grown on an international scale, with orders from almost every continent placed over the past two years.

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artz-i art (338x450)The top-floor art gallery continues to draw in intrigued customers from around the country, as they compare Eastern and Western styles of Islamic art, from calligraphy to oil paintings and everything in between.

The best-seller remains the iconic ’99 names of Allah (God)’ creation, constructed by the Artz-I team.

On it, 99 raised travertine tiles have been inscribed with the different titles of God, styled on a material backdrop and elegantly framed.

The perfect centre-piece for a home or office environment, all types of clientele have fallen in love with the art which will soon be available in a landscape design.

“I remember growing up and learning all the different names for God and when you are young you do not necessarily appreciate it as much,” Mohammed added.


“Today, I see these names and they are all so relatable. I think this piece is so popular because of that reason. People see it and they feel an instant connection.”

Meanwhile, new to the Artz-I collection this year are the 3D calligraphy creations. Flowing Arabic lettering naturally entwines itself for a stunning finish, set against a selection of simple backdrops for an emphatic finish.

Created exclusively in-house by bespoke machinery, it is a unique concept which is unavailable anywhere else in the country.

“Our in-house design team are always finding new ways to express themselves through Islamic art and that is how we are able to keep producing so many individual pieces in Bradford,” Mohammed added.

“A good piece of art does something that nothing else can. It can bring people together without any words and touch all your senses.”

For a gift to yourself or others, head down to Artz-I and be a part of the art revolution.


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