Another successful and well attended event by the Kashmiri/Pakistani community for Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust’s (KORT) £32m state-of-the art hospital took place on Friday 5th July at Venue Central on Leagrave Road, Luton.

The 500-bed hospital project at Jorian (near Jatlan) in Mirpur District is being developed and delivered by UK charity, KORT, renowned for their charitable work in Pakistan over the last 18-years.

Spearheaded by founder and chairman Chaudhry Mohammed Akhtar, KORT is developing the free healthcare facility, which is set to change the lives of million of people in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir and surrounding areas.

Speaking about the Luton fundraiser, Ch Akhtar commented: “Brothers and sisters of Luton donated generously once again towards hospital wards, fully equipped beds and medical equipment.

“On behalf of the KORT management team, I would like to thank and congratulate the local Luton KORT team – Tahir Hussain, Haji Shafait, Chaudhry Qamar and Adeel Hussain, Radio Inspire FM Luton and others for their unrelenting efforts to pull off such a wonderful event.

“Last year Luton community donated hundreds of thousand of pounds towards the first ever Burns Care Centre in Azad Kashmir under construction in the city of Kotli Hospital to provide free healthcare for the poor and needy.”

KORT’s new 500 bed hospital complex will feature an Accident & Emergency department, along with full hospital services such as outpatient care, radiology, paediatrics, pathology, pulmonary, dental and eye clinics, proving an essential lifeline for the poor and needy.

With 4.5 million residents living before below the poverty line, many encounter significant obstacles when seeking specialised medical treatment, often necessitating costly and exhausting journeys to Islamabad.

Ch Mohammed Akhtar added: “KORT has committed to developing a hospital and on-site educational facilities – a vision to establish a first of its kind medical centre stemming from a profound need for accessible and quality healthcare services in the region.

“Along with providing accessible quality medical services, we are going beyond saving the lives by providing training facilities for medics, nurses and more.

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Further fundraising events are planned in Luton, Birmingham, Slough and Dewsbury. You can attend the below events in a city near you by calling any of the mobile numbers on the posters, and reserve your admission ticket.