Director Khayam Khan

Following its World Premiere at the prestigious UK Asian Film Festival, the highly anticipated Indo-British sports drama, ‘A Game of Two Halves’, makes its global debut.

Directed by acclaimed British Asian filmmaker Khayam Khan, known for his work on ‘Bus Ride’, the film will release in UK cinemas on 7th June.

A ‘Game of Two Halves’ is a transformative, coming-of-age story that explores themes of identity crisis and racial dissonance.

Movie Still: A Game of Two Halves

Set across the U.K. and India, the film follows the journey of Sanjay, a young British student. When Sanjay finds himself in India teaching football to underprivileged children, he is unaware of the profound journey of self-discovery he is about to embark on.

Movie Still: A Game of Two Halves

His true self is revealed not amidst the academic pressures of a prestigious university, but on the dusty fields of Hyderabad, India.

Director Khayam Khan shares a personal connection with the film’s narrative: “Having grown up in an emerging multicultural Britain, where I was one of only a handful of brown-skinned kids at school, I identify with Sanjay and sympathise with his struggle to find acceptance,” Khan says.

Movie Still: A Game of Two Halves

“Sanjay tries to be accepted by the cool kids by following the beautiful Shreya, but learns his true nature through the life lessons the kids teach him.

“In the film, I want to show the juxtaposition of what we believe our identity is and what it truly is when we find ourselves and are comfortable in the skin we have been blessed with.”

The film boasts a stellar cast, including Saaj Raja (Eternals), Harish Khanna (12th Fail), Lucy Jackson (The Ride), Sachin Chaudhary (Sacred Games). Nikkita Chadha (Barbie), Sudha Bhuchar (Mary Poppins Returns), Chizzy Akudolu (Holby City), David Aspden, ( Bus Ride) Jacob Avery ( Becoming Elizabeth) Pawan Chopra (Asur) Swaroopa Ghosh (War), and Rajiv Kumar Aneja (Tiger Nageswara Rao). Written by Shirley Day (My Day) and produced by Khayam Khan, Nicola Gregory, Sheila Nortley and Dean Charles, A Game of Two Halves promises to be a poignant and inspiring film.

Movie Still: A Game of Two Halves

A Game Of Two Halves was selected to world premiere at UK Asian Film Festival – the longest-running South Asian film festival outside the Subcontinent, which annually curates a programme of the best of independent film offerings – and premiered in London’s West End, where it was extremely well-received by the full-capacity audience. The film was also screened at Leicester Phoenix Cinema, as part of the Festival.
Audiences can look forward to an emotional and thought-provoking cinematic experience that delves deep into the complexities of self-discovery and cultural identity. A Game of Two Halves is set to resonate with viewers worldwide, highlighting the universal quest for acceptance and understanding.
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