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A world-renowned oud boutique, headquartered in Leeds, is providing individuals with the opportunity to relive cherished memories through the captivating realm of fragrance and perfumery with a 40% discount this May.

Yorkshire entrepreneur and brand creator of Scent Salim, Ilyas Salim, has introduced a “match and create” service this month.

This innovative service can resurrect even the smallest remnants of old perfume, encapsulating them in a fresh bottle.

But that’s not all – for those seeking to craft their own signature scents, a perfume workshop at the Scent Salim establishment on Roundhay Road serves as the ideal starting point.

Ilyas’ fascination with fragrances traces back to his adolescence at the age of 13. Today, that initial curiosity has blossomed into the thriving enterprise known as Scent Salim, boasting a clientele that includes international royalty and a dedicated following spanning the globe, with seven retail locations.

Scent Salim proudly showcases an assortment of niche fragrances, perfumes, and Arabian Oud sprays, with Ilyas consistently broadening and refreshing the collection.

Oud scents derive their distinctive aromas from agarwood trees that have matured over centuries. Captivated by the allure of Oud, Ilyas was inspired to introduce the “match and create” service, allowing individuals to rediscover the enchantment of their favourite scents.

“Bringing back a father’s memories”

Ilyas says that he was approached by a daughter who had found an old scent bottle in her father’s possessions.

“He had dementia, was in his 90s, and the bottle had been gifted to him by one of the kings of Arabia,” explains Ilyas.

“There was only a tiny a bit of oil left, but as we have over 500 perfume formulas, we were able to recreate the exact.

“They were really pleased, and the daughter told us that the scent did indeed bring back memories for her father.”

Now anyone can take an old perfume into the Leeds store and the experienced team can use Scent Salim’s extraordinary range of formulas to recreate it.

Customers can enjoy a generous 40% discount on online purchases from May 11 to May 21 by utilising the code May40.

Delve into the world of perfume in a special workshop

Ilyas, the book author of ‘The Perfume Mindset’, is also offering people the chance to discover the world of scents via Perfume Workshops at the Leeds store.

They will make their own perfume from over 250 scents. People will also receive the book and a £20 voucher to spend in the store.

The workshops (£45) are ideal for corporate away-days.

To ask about a workshop, or the match and create scheme, email and to see the range of Scent Salim go to