In a remarkable display of dedication that merges physical challenge with spiritual reflection, London based Nasheed artist, Omar Esa, has launched a unique fundraising campaign to support children all over the world.

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, a time for heightened spirituality, prayer, and a significant focus on charity, Esa has begun a tough ‘Prayathon’, visiting 313 mosques across London in just seven days.

Esa has already raised over £68,000, and will go towards providing essential aid, and establishing a sustainable school meals program to nourish children all over the world.

“As Muslims worldwide observe Ramadan, a time for introspection and extending a helping hand to those less fortunate,” Esa explains.

“I felt compelled to take action and raise awareness about children in Palestine and other countries such as Ethiopia and Malawi.

“This prayathon is a physical and spiritual challenge I hope will inspire others to contribute to their well-being.”

Esa’s ambitious journey will see him traveling extensively, offering prayers, and seeking blessings at each of the 313 mosques.

The number 313 holds significance Islam, regarding the number of soldiers at the Battle of Badr with the Prophet Mohammed, further emphasising Esa’s dedication and the symbolic nature of his undertaking.

Charity Right, a UK-based organisation with a long history of supporting children globally, is proud to partner with Esa on this impactful campaign.

The Prayathon challenge is designed to support their mission of providing nutritious meals to schoolchildren in need.

Funds raised will contribute to both ongoing emergency relief efforts and the establishment of sustainable school meals programs across eight countries – Pakistan, Sudan, Palestine, Turkey, Ethiopia, Malawi, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

This means providing vital supplies to families struggling with hardship, but also ensuring children all over the world have access to the food they need.

Esa adds: “As the provider for my own family, it pains me to think that there are thousands of children around the World and particularly in Palestine without any necessities — no home to live in, no family to turn to, no security of food at all. It’s a heart-wrenching reality that compels me to reach out to you.  

“These children, living in conditions we can hardly fathom, are no different from our own nieces and nephews or younger brothers and sisters.

“Just as a scratch on our child’s arm causes us pain, the mere thought of these children, many of whom have become orphaned, their homes destroyed or families torn apart, is our worst nightmare. 

“We, as a global community, need to come together and help alleviate the suffering in Palestine, Ethiopia and Malawi.”

Asim Lone, Charity Right’s CEO commented: ”We are incredibly inspired by Omar’s initiative and the depth of his commitment.

“His prayathon during Ramadan serves as a powerful testament to his faith and unwavering compassion. The funds raised through this campaign will make a real difference in the lives of countless children.”

Donations can be made via Omar Esa’s Charity Right fundraising page.