The  much anticipated theatrical trailer and poster launch of the action – comedy film Money Back Guarantee (MBG) was held on Friday February 17th 2023 at CUE Cinema Lahore.

Money Back Guarantee (MBG) is written by actor and comedian Faisal Qureshi and also his cinematic directorial debut. Qureshi himself also features in the film.

Watch the official trailer for Money Back Guarantee (MBG)

The Urdu-language film stars a plethora of entertainment bigwigs and celebrities including veteran star Javed Sheikh, superstar Fawad Khan, Hina Dilpazir, Ali Safina, Shayan KhanMikaal ZulfiqarMirza Gohar Rasheed, Hajra Yamin, Ayesha Omar, Faysal Quraishi and Jan Rambo

The film also features  Kiran Malik, Aqdas Waseem, Mani, Shafaat Ali, Marhoom Ahmad Bilal,  Adnan Jaffar and Ataullah Khan in supporting and cameo roles

Shot in Karachi and Thailand, MBG also sees the acting debuts of former captain of the national cricket team and cricket commentator/coach Wasim Akram and his wife social worker and activist Shaniera Akram. 

The theatrical trailer and poster launch  is expected to be attended by cast members  Shayan Khan, Faisal Qureshi, Fawad Khan,  Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ayesha Omar,  Mirza Gohar Rasheed, Mani,  Aqdas Waseem and Marhoom Ahmad, Bilal and leading  electronic and print media as well influential bloggers and  leading publications.

MBG, produced by Shayan Khan will be released  worldwide April 21st 2023 and distributed by IMGC Global in Pakistan and Zashko Films worldwide.

Given the stellar cast and list of celebrities, there is no doubt that Money Back Guarantee it’s one of the most-awaited film of 2023!

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