By: Sarah Shafi

So here’s the thing.

If you listen to Boris Johnson, he’s been giving us the glory talk.

A talk to engender positivity and confidence in the government’s ability to conquer this terrifying coronavirus and how efficiently they will do it… provided we all do EXACTLY as we’re told.

All this ‘can-do’, gee-ing up the country with positivity and hope is fair enough…except for one sinister thing…

At NO point have the government given us ANY positivity, hope or confidence about the coronavirus itself. Instead, we are being fed one message: “FEAR DEATH”.

It’s no wonder the country has gone into a frenzied panic buying, scrapping over bog roll nation. It is a survival mechanism.

Our most fundamental and primitive function is to survive and our primary purpose has been constantly put under threat being pumped with this continuous fear.

Of course we will comply. People think we’re all gonna die if we don’t! They have us by our short and curlies.

However, at least 80% of us probably won’t even know we’ve had it!

Why isn’t the government providing us with a positive picture of the virus itself and showing us all those who have recovered, even those who tested positive yet who’s symptoms were so mild they didn’t even think they had it?

No, instead it’s death, death, death, fear, fear, fear.

Why didn’t they protect the at risk groups immediately as soon as they knew of it’s killer potential to these people?

No… we waited and put the whole country under house arrest.

We could have ring-fenced this and saved the devastating fall out we are just about to enter.

This is going to be far worse a disaster than the virus itself.

The economy has collapsed and in about 2-3 months the reality will kick in. Most people will have nothing and will not be able to survive.

Government bailouts are all smoke and mirrors.

On the surface it appears to present a solution, but for those who attempt to access it are faced with the most unreasonable and unacceptable conditions and clauses that hurtle people’s personal circumstances into the lions den. It is a non-starter.

If there’s one thing that the government must do to help people out of this unprecedented survival frenzy it is this… guarantee our survival.

Disaster funds MUST be unconditional. The global giants should have a duty to step in and provide support.

People have lost business, jobs, livelihoods and the government is giving little light at the end of the tunnel.

Right now everybody needs to be guaranteed relief on heat, light, water, shelter and food and – all bank charges should be suspended.

That’s the top and bottom of it. Please don’t tell me it’s not that simple.

There is plenty of money to support and keep everyone safe and ensure we all survive but it’s the distribution of wealth that is so skewed.

The Richard Branson’s of this world are sitting pretty on their stashes of cash that have been built up by the hard work of the people he has just doled out their death warrants to. I cannot get my head round this.

If the government really care about each and everyone one of us and want to ensure our survival they must do things differently. They have the powers to take from the rich. This MUST be done.

Pension funds have already diminished by 30% but the richest’s wealth is still abundant.

Is it unfair to demand a percentage of the wealthiest of wealth to help save our people?

This is uncharted territory and what we thought would be impossible has happened. The whole world has ground to a halt. What happens next?

We as a nation must now have perspective and stay calm before civil unrest, looting and riots break out and believe me the government are preparing for this because they know it will be part of the human condition: a primitive and illogical response to survival. The controls will then become even tighter and for longer.

We need to push for wealth to be distributed evenly and fairly.

Sending love and virtual hugs to all you wonderful friends out there. Keep well, keep smiling, keep sharing love and most importantly keep calm ♥️♥️♥️

Sarah Shafi is a Yorkshire-born London-based award winning children’s author, entrepreneur and leadership coach as well as a single parent.