Heatwave: Top tips to survive this week’s record night-time temperatures

We’re not sure how some suggestions of freezing your pyjamas would pan out – we guess you might have a soggy clammy mattress, nor do we recommend desi readers sleep naked if they’re living at home with parents – that’s a catastrophe we dare not imagine!

However, here are a few tips that possibly could get you some cooled good night’s sleep this week.

Windows and blinds: Keep them closed during the day to keep heat out. If the outdoor temperature is higher, only open them (and doors) at night if it’s cooler outside.
Lukewarm shower before bed: Water is a great cooling agent. A lukewarm shower (not a cold one like common misconceptions) before bed will help lower the body’s temperature before you turn in for the night.
Sheets NOT your 13.5 tog duvet: Lose the duvet and blankets. Just use a cotton sheet, if anything, or a duvet with a low tog rating.
Fan with bucket of ice: A fan is a great idea, either aimed at the head of the bed or at the body. Try placing a bucket of ice in front of it for an extra chill.
Nightwear: Make sure it’s cotton and loose fitting, stay away from synthetics.
Eat early and eat light: Avoid having a heavy meal close to bedtime – the body will heat up trying to digest it, leaving you dehydrated.
Sofa crashers: Heat rises and so the top floors of your house, so the ground floor may be cooler than the bedroom. Crash on the sofa or brave the floor.
Limited cuddles: If you share a bed, might be better leaving a gap in-between – you’ll probably wake up during the night rather clammy.
Drink up: Have a glass of iced water handy by the bed.


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