A team of eight volunteers, met the organisers of the Homeless Hampers in Leeds city centre armed with  food to be given out the homeless of Leeds. 

As part of Sewa Day this year project leader Bhagy Mistry coordinated the event by getting chicken biryani made by Aagrah midpoint restaurant, who did the 100 portions at a cost of just £100.

 The 100 sandwiches were made by the ladies from Mandata Samaj a local Hindu organisation. All the crisps and chocolates were donated by local Hindu businesses. 

Harkishan Mistry, UK Project Manager for the Sewa Day charity says: “We take life for granted when we have everything.

“It was an eye opening and humbling experience for all the volunteers and the organisers.”

“I’d like to send out a massive thank you to Bhagy and Sewa Day community for providing all the hot food, sandwiches crisps and chocolates. 

Their generosity absolutely overwhelmed us, and it was a privilege for us to have them join us.

“Each and every one of them should be proud of the good work they’ve achieved.”