Mustafa Field


This Saturday, Jews and Muslims across the United Kingdom mark the 10th day of this lunar month.  

For the strange synchronicity of this day is a time held as sacred by both Muslims and Jews.

For Jews it’s Yom Kippur, the solemn day of fasting, prayer, and most importantly “Teshuva” the Hebrew word for atonement and repentance.  

For Muslims, it is Ashura, Arabic for the number ten, and a complicated day. For Sunnis, fasting is recommended; for Shias it is not permitted.

Rabbi Natan Levy


What are you doing on the 10th day of this lunar month?  

We have been asking Jews and Muslims this question for many years, sharing stories of history and prayer and community and God. Let’s use the 10th day as a starting point, to delve deeper into what we share, but also to refine and embrace our differences for the better.  

Perhaps what is most holy about this day is its potential to spark conversations.

It is a time to reflect upon how we as Jews and Muslims share a sacred day while remembering that it is the unique qualities of our respective faiths that make the day so special.

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