Power of protein powder a myth?

Why people are getting it wrong when taking protein supplements

Protein Supplements are everywhere and they have become big business with many gym goers becoming hooked on them, they are now as regular a feature of the gym process as the bicep curl.

But are people getting the most out of them, using their protein supplements the correct way? Or are people just buying into a trend being escalated by the growth of social media sites such as Instagram?

Protein Supplements should be used alongside meals and not in replacement of them, which is a huge misconception in society with many people replacing food for powder which actually has more of a negative effect.

The problem is many people taking them are just guessing what is the correct way to take them and more guidance is required.

If used correctly supplements can be used to be broken down into amino acid, to support muscle growth and help form more muscle tissue, they are also used to help recovery and replenishment following training and sport.

The major problem is that people are using them as the base to their diet, but people should still be focusing on meals and food, particularly emphasizing on high protein as this helps to increase metabolic rate to burn more energy.

Meal Planning has become a very effective method of gaining the required nutrients, although this can be a difficult method to adopt in a busy lifestyle it is very beneficial.

Protein Supplements and shakes are one of the food supplements in the UK but the effect of them could be a huge misconception and people could be needlessly buying into a trend fueled by social media pressure with people aspiring to be like celebrities they see online.


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