It’s a common problem – finding the pair of heels of your dreams, but also finding that they hurt after a mere few minutes. In a case like this, many of us comfort our minds by telling ourselves that ‘pain is beauty’.

But a shoe consultant (yes… there is such a thing) talks of the practicalities of wearing stilettos all day.

Footwear expert, Susannah Davis, says it’s very difficult to find comfortable, beautiful, smart shoes. She adds that once ladies are guided on the style appropriate for their weight, height and lifestyles, the winning formula to wearing comfy height-enhancing heels can be achieved.

Although comfort really is key, but, if the shoes are too pretty and you simply can’t live without them, we’ve given you some tips and tricks on how to grin and bear it and stay on your feet-in your heels-for longer than an hour.

Why wear heels?


A little extra height can boost your confidence. The phrase “walk taller” wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for this effect. Perhaps this is because you see eye-to-eye or can look down on more of the population when your height is increased.


High heels tend to look smarter than flats. It is difficult to find flats which compliment a skirt or trouser suit as well as a pair of elegant heels.


Heels look more expensive, whereas flats can look cheap. A well-designed high heel in quality leather, will tend to look ooze craftsmanship, whereas even the most beautiful flats from the finest Italian factories will struggle to compete on look.

Quick Tips

Ensure you’re wearing the right shoe size

Sounds silly, but it’s true.

Know your foot type

Do you have a flat foot or a high arched foot? This can help explain why you are experiencing pain when wearing high heels and help you choose a style and type better suited (but still stylish) for your foot.

Thicker heels lessen the pain

Thinner heels can cause your foot to wobble. We know that a certain outfit calls for a stiletto, but as long as you’re not wearing these all day everyday, you will be fine.

Thicker soles, sister!

A thicker sole or a bit of a platform is the kind of shoe that’s going to give you chic comfort, as there’s less pressure on the sole of your foot. Cushioned soled shoes are a great investment, especially if you wear heels all day.