In true university student style, pupils at Wibsey Primary School threw their “mortar boards”” in the air after Headteacher Nigel Cooper presented them with certificates at a prestigious Graduation Ceremony.

Some 48 children in Years 4, 5, 6 and last year’s Year 6 let the excitement of the event get the better of them at the ceremony. They sat sedately for the official picture, then got into the spirit of the exciting event when asked to throw their caps in the air.

Parents watched with pride as their children receive their certificates at the ceremony.

The certificates were provided by the Leeds Children’s University based at Leeds Trinity University, of which the school has been a member for the past two years. They were awarded to the children for gaining stamps in their Leeds Children’s University Passport to Learning by taking part in various extra-curricular activities.

These included exciting Super Saturday learning events at the university, events at school, day trips involving learning opportunities with their families and attending groups such a Guides, or Scouts.

Mr Cooper said: “Our pupils have worked really hard to gain Passport to Learning stamps.

“Our Graduation Ceremony was organised to reward the efforts they have made to improve their learning while having fun at the same time. We wanted it to be like a real university graduation, so we asked the children to throw their caps in the air – and they really went for it!

“We are grateful to the families who have supported their children by taking them to special events and on educational and enjoyable trips to gain stamps. We are also grateful for the support provided by Leeds Children’s University which has helped many of our pupils expand their horizons and also go to places they may not have done if they were not taking part in the project.”