TRAGIC: Rashpal Singh Bansal died suddenly earlier this month after suffering suspected heart failure
TRAGIC: Rashpal Singh Bansal died suddenly earlier this month after suffering suspected heart failure

More than 1,000 mourners have turned out to pay their respects to a much-loved businessman from Moortown who died earlier this month.

Father-of-two, Rashpal Singh Bansal, was just 40-years-old when he was taken to St James’s Hospital on the morning of Friday 5th February after suddenly suffering suspected heart failure.

Despite attempts to revive Mr Bansal, he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Last week, on Tuesday 16th February, members of the Sikh community rallied together to provide catering services to the mass of mourners at Sheepscar’s Ramgarhia Sikh Centre where Mr Bansal’s funeral was being held.

Amongst the family and friends present was younger brother, Gurvinder Bansal, 37, also of Moortown.

Speaking of the tragic news of his brother’s death, he said the whole family were in disbelief about the sudden loss of such a close relative.

“It was shocking,” he said. “One minute you’re at work on a Friday afternoon looking forward to the weekend and the next you are getting a phone call that turns your life upside down.

“I headed straight to the hospital and was pointed in his direction. I walked in and he was there… dead. Mum was there, not crying, not upset – just in total shock, expressionless.”

As well as raising two children, Mr Bansal was well known in Leeds through his involvement in the family business, Bansal Printers, in Woodhouse.

Described as a ‘real family man’, Gurvinder added: “He was just a very well mannered, not easily offended, happy-go-lucky kind of guy.

“He wasn’t too much into material things but rather just took enjoyment from being around his family. He would always enjoy doing things with his young girls, and they really loved him.”

He continued: “We are a very close family, we all live on the same road so he would always be coming around.

“He was an older brother and my point of contact. Anything I needed I could speak to him about, especially when it came to computers, he was geeky like that.”

Mr Bansal leaves behind his wife Ravinder, 38, and daughters, Harleen, aged eight, and Karam, five.