Bradford is known for its Indian fare but now the steamy country of Thailand has been brought to the BD postcode thanks to a heaving menu of delicious food served up in Bangkok Thai restaurant.

Opened just over a year ago and situated a walk away from Bradford Broadway and Foster Square in the arty streets of Little Germany, the restaurant is on the stamping ground of Bradford’s best local haunts.

Customers can look forward to halal dishes that are authentically Thai; steeped in the pungent scent of lemon grass, a tickle of searing chillies and the four fundamental flavours of spicy, sweet, sour and salty.


SONY DSCManager of the exotic establishment, Mr See, has made sure his menu sings with all the right seasonings and depth.

He said: “We buy all our meat from Pakeezah’s and all our vegetables are locally sourced.”

Seafood is given a tasty twist with layer upon layer of umami flavours.

Stir fries are wokked up to perfection in a hiss and sputter of spice by Bangkok-born chefs and the weeping tiger steak sizzles with the ferocity of its namesake.

Head chef, Apirak Marane – or A as he is known – arrived in the UK from Thailand almost 14 years ago. A dedicated and experienced chef, his skill is reflected in the menu which ranges from vegan-friendly deep fried tofu to juicy duck breast with its hit of five spice and tamarind sauce.

Robust red and invigoratingly green curries can be made to your spice requirement, whether you want a feather tickle of chilli on the tastebuds or to be slapped around the chops with it.


The dish that gets the most attention from ravenous regulars is the sharing platter. It is served piled high with crispy prawns that has batter as golden as a Buddhist temple, sticky chicken that makes you lick your lips for more and plump spring rolls. It’s an undeniable showstopper.

Inside, the restaurant has a glowing neon bar that changes colour from blue to purple to pink to green, mimicking the flashing city lights of downtown Bangkok. Cocktails and mocktails can be shaken up, alongside ice cold beers which will wash down those hot South East Asian delicacies smoothly.

Authentic paintings and photographs from Thailand add to the vibe; as do Buddhist statues, potted orchids and a trickling indoor water fountain.

Head down to Bangkok Thai. You can ‘kòp kun’ (thank) us later.


Bangkok Thai Restaurant,

18 East Parade, 

Little Germany,



Phone: 01274 788333