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Hamam: A place for cleansing, purification and body treatments

Although the ancient tradition of Hamam originates from Ancient Roman practices it gained notoriety, particularly during the time of the great Ottoman Empire from the 14th century till the early 20th century. Hamam was reinvented as the Middle Eastern variant of the public steam baths and has played an important role in the culture of many Middle Eastern Civilisations.

One of the main reasons why Hamams became an integral part of Ottoman culture was religion. According to the Muslim faith, washing and pureness is not only an important part of Islam, but an essential part too. Hamam’s symbolise the culture of spiritual and physical purification propagated by the Ancient Turks.

Hamam was seen as not only an ordinary bath, but also known as a centre for healing, social and cultural activities. Today, due to the increase of travel and the effects of modern life stress, Hamam is swiftly becoming a popular relaxation and healing remedy for many people all over the world.

The benefits of Hamam have been known for thousands of years. Today, Hamams are considered an area for purifying and detoxifying the skin and body, increasing circulation, stimulating the immune system and encouraging complete physical and mental well-being.

Hamams are relaxing and stress relieving. Those with muscle aches or arthritis may find that the heat relaxes muscles and relieves pain and inflammation. Asthma and allergy sufferers find that the heat dilates air passageways of the lung and facilitates breathing. Heat does not cure the common cold but may help to alleviate congestion and speed recovery time.

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Hamams are worthwhile for your skin as the blood flow to the skin increases and sweating occurs. A good sweat removes dirt, dead skin and grime from pores and gives the skin a healthy glow.

Hamam is good for:

  • weight loss from eradication of toxins
  • relieving and easing stress
  • relieving muscle tensions and stiff joints
  • boosting the immune system
  • lymph detoxification and enhances total lymph system cleaning
  • stimulating circulation
  • increasing body metabolism
  • alleviating sinus congestion due to colds, asthma, or allergies
  • keeping skin fresh
  • effectively washes toxins from the surface of the skin as you sweat
  • improves vascular flow, enhancing oxygen, nutrient, and lymph exchange at the cellular level

Founder of Prity Turkish Hamam in Bradford, Prity Farooq has received extensive, certified Hamam training in Antalya, Turkey to learn the true, authentic and unique concepts of traditional Hamam. Prity’s research into Hamam over the past year, from the announcement of opening Bradford’s first Turkish Hamam, has led her on an amazing journey in order to create the perfect Hamam experience for her clients.

All treatments at Prity Turkish Hamam, including the Hamam room itself, provide a setting for authentic Turkish Hamam. From the use of Turkish Kese exfoliation gloves to the traditional Torba (foam pouch) for foam bath, each detail is reminiscent of traditional Hamam from the Ottoman times.


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Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm,

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