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Whether you are a sole trader looking to establish yourself in the local area, or a business park catering for dozens of independents SME’s, there is one thing every company can benefit from – Superfast broadband.

Across Leeds and Bradford, hundreds of organisations have already started to see the benefits that come with adopting the approach, with local broadband supplier, ITC, at the forefront of the revolutionary initiative.

Now, through the BDUK Connection Voucher Scheme, businesses are able to receive a £3,000 grant to cover the costs of connecting to superfast broadband, as they get super-connected to the rest of the world.

Designed to help companies transform the speed, reliability and the way they are able to do business, the vouchers were made available across 22 cities, with ITC amongst the top five providers nationally, and number one locally, since the scheme launched.

ITC have been providing independent telecommunication consultancy services to the small and medium enterprise sector, for the past decade.

itc officeNasar Hussain, ITC Managing Director, explained further what was trying to be achieved through the government-backed voucher scheme and how his business had already helped many others improve in several areas.

Mr Hussain said: “We are trying to ensure organisations across Leeds and Bradford take advantage of this scheme, and, upon checking availability, we will provide accessibility whilst ensuring affordability.

“The Scheme has already helped thousands of businesses benefit yet many more are still able to sign up and receive the £3,000 voucher today.”

The time-limited offer is set to expire on 31st March 2015, so be sure to sign up soon, or risk missing out on this no-strings attached opportunity.

By choosing ITC as your provider, you can rest assured that your business will receive super fast internet connectivity with the upfront connection costs covered by the connection voucher scheme.

To see if you can benefit from the scheme, contact ITC today and speak with one of their local advisors at their Bradford-base, where the dedicated support team are on hand to answer any questions.



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Mark Durham, Leeds City Council Project Manager for Connection Vouchers:

“The connection vouchers scheme has been really well received by businesses across Leeds and Bradford. More businesses have received the grants here, than in any other city outside London.

“It’s great to see a local business like ITC performing among the best suppliers in the country. ITC have adopted a customer-focussed approach which has seen them win new business across the area, and they continue to lead the way locally.

“The Connection Vouchers scheme aims to improve the local economy by ensuring that as many businesses as possible receive the benefits of superfast broadband, which include being able to work more efficiently and quickly, and making the most of new technologies such as Cloud computing and video conferencing.”