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Always in safe hands

Having confidence in the food you are eating is something many people take for granted, with an estimated 500,000 cases of food poisoning in the UK reported every year – almost half of which is related to poultry.

Thankfully, there is one catering team that not only prides themselves on sumptuous dishes but also the hygiene of every meal, as West Yorkshire based Loonat Catering continue to lead the way in the industry.

Currently, there are dozens of unscrupulous caterers and food manufacturers out there attempting to make savings by using adulterated ingredients, dubious suppliers, purchasing products unfit for human consumption, short dated, poor quality ingredients and adopting unhygienic practices.

loonat catering setting (338x450)Many a time the premises that these businesses are operating from are either unsuitable, unlicensed or have a lack of suitable equipment along with poorly trained staff.

More recently cross contamination, which has been rife in the industry, has now come into the mainstream media. Many instances of poor working practices or carelessness have lead to serious consequences on the food chain and on people’s lives which have subsequently lead to prosecutions.

All staff at Loonat Catering are trained to Level 2 Food Safety as a minimum so as to ensure they have a sound understanding of good working practices, avoid cross contamination and understand the distinct difference between cleaning and disinfecting.

Manager, Ebrahim, explains: “What many people don’t realise is what looks clean to the eye in the kitchen is actually unsafe due to lack of disinfecting and sanitising, and this is where many of the food safety issues arise.

“At Loonat Catering Services, to ensure good working practices, we have come a long way from the small unit that we had in Dewsbury. To further enable food safety and hygiene practices we invested in a new customised site which meets the long term needs of our growing business.

“We treat the safety of our customers as the utmost priority, with our new site achieving a Local Authority Five-Star hygiene rating in its first inspection.

“We have invested heavily in food grade hygienic flooring, all the work surfaces and equipment is stainless steel, we have a full Food Safety Quality Management system in place, we are independently audited and we are working towards various accreditations.”

He added: “Whilst there are some reputable suppliers out there, unfortunately many companies have a complete disregard for food safety, have no importance for quality and are just in it for a quick buck and fail to deliver the service they promise you.”

All Loonat suppliers are reputable, audited and inspected by the catering specialists, who have full traceability of every ingredient.

This ensures your meal always coincides with dietary requirements, such as the use of Halal certified meat; gluten, nut or dairy free products; and vegetarian meals.

Every food item is stored separately and at correct temperatures, whilst preparation areas and utensils are segregated to ensure no risk of contamination.

Loonat Catering are also part of the ‘deliciouslyorkshire’ scheme and to taste some delicious dishes yourself contact the company today.

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