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Bored of the same furniture designs everywhere you go or want to experiment with a unique twist? Well look no further than Home Design Upholstery for all your tailored and bespoke needs.

Setup three years ago, the Bradford business is a hidden gem in the city, providing homes, restaurants and even hairdressers with individual furnishings perfect for every location.

Residents have seen their made-to-measure designs come to fruition in an array of creations, giving every chair, sofa and bed the personal touch needed to turn a house into a home.

Whether you want to design you furniture from scratch or just reupholster some existing designs, all your needs can be met at Home Design Upholstery.

Customers are able to choose from hundreds of materials, to ensure their furniture not only fits perfectly in their room, but also looks amazing as well.


Yasmin Dar, office manager, has always had a passion for upholstery, and shares more than 21 years of manufacturing experience alongside her team of staff.

Explaining how well the company had been received by locals since setting up in January 2012, she said there is a real desire from clients to showcase their creative sides.

“Once upon a time a sofa was a sentimental piece of furniture; you kept it for as long as you could,” she said.

“Nowadays, people are changing their sofas as often as they change their wallpapers. There is a desire from homeowners to put their own touch and individuality on their furniture and I think that is great.

“We get most of our business from word of mouth and have been fortunate enough to help hundreds of people see their ideas come to life.”


The team at Home Design Upholstery take pride in their turnover rate, boasting one of the most efficient workforces in the city, with no compromise taken on quality.

Individual items can be reupholstered within a matter of days, whilst restaurants with up to 100 seats have already been catered for by the family-run business.

So, whether you are a restaurateur or a homeowner, contact Home Design Upholstery today and give your furniture the update and care that it deserves.



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