Running your own business can be taxing enough at times so to add the task of managing all your company’s finances is something you just do not need.

Thankfully there is one firm of chartered accountants that can not only advise you on all the right steps in business but also ensure your financial planning is at its most efficient all year round to ensure you are paying only the legal minimum in taxes.

BlackStone Accountancy provide free consultations to all new  clients to establish how they can add value to their business. Once the client needs are established, all clients can rest easily due to their fixed fee policy, knowing very well they will not face any nasty ‘surprise bills’.

BlackStone Accountancy operate from their head office in Bradford, as well as having  offices in Leeds and London with a nationwide client base.

Striving to ensure business owners, from one man banks to multi-national companies, receive the premium care they deserve, the team of industry professionals are only a phone call away 24 hours a day for all clients.

Competitive fixed fees and unlimited support ensure all costs are seen upfront with the first class service provided always proven to be a worthy investment.


From pensions,  to insurance, and even an exclusive printing service, all your requirements and more are met at Yorkshire’s premium accountants.

Senior partner at BlackStone Accountancy, Mohammad Arshad, known as ‘Eddy’ to all his clients, explained what his firm’s main objectives were when handling client’s taxes.

“Our aim with every client, regardless of whether that is a local shop owner or a multi-million pound business, is to ensure their finances are working for them,” he said.

“We have a team of chartered accountants with decades of experience under their belts and understand the best way to handle finances within organisations in the most tax efficient manner possible.

“There is also no need to worry about any new legislation affecting a client’s organisation. From the chancellor’s budget to law changes, our accountants can ensure business operations continue as usual as they remain up-to-date on all possible factors that could affect trading.”

BlackStone Accountancy has a proven track record of helping struggling businesses turn their fortunes around, working around the clock to put businesses ‘back in the black’ and ‘away from the red’.

To begin planning a brighter future for your business, contact BlackStone Accountancy today and receive your free consultation on the road to financial recovery.


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Freephone: 0800 043 3046

Offices in Leeds, Bradford and London

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