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North One Solicitors Team
North One Solicitors Team

If you or a member of your family has been injured due to no fault of your own, turn to Northone Solicitors – the number one personal injury lawyers dedicated to getting you all the compensation you deserve.

The Leeds-based legal team have set the benchmark in the city for how a solicitor firm should operate, priding themselves on providing a personal service to every client.

From a slip or trip in a public place, to road traffic accidents and work-related accidents, every area of personal injury is covered by the local team, which continues to grow every year.

The Lexcel accredited solicitors have represented clients across the county, with expert advice available for all legal enquiries.

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Northone Solicitors was established in 2008 and strive to get their clients ‘every penny they deserve’ and unlike other businesses, they never take a cut of the compensation, ensuring 100% goes directly to their client.

Mr Shahzad Ilyas explained further how this approach had not only helped hundreds of clients already, but also helped establish Northone as a proud team of solicitors, who put the community first.

“As a result of recent changes in the law, whether it is a claims management company, insurance provider or even another solicitor, there is a likelihood that a deduction of around 25% from the client’s compensation may be taken,” he said.

“Here at Northone, we believe that every last penny received in compensation should go directly to the client as they are the ones who have suffered the injury, not us.”

“If you have been involved in an accident, rather than losing out on money, come see a friendly team, with a proven track record, who will guide you through every stage of the claim and guarantee that we will not take any deductions from your compensation.”

With appointment times available to suit you and multi-lingual staff, the personal injury lawyers will always put their client’s needs first.

Phone or call in to Northone Solicitors today to begin your personal injury claim with a team of specialists you can trust.

For all your personal injury needs, make Northone Solicitors your number one choice.

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