Israel loses six-figure business deal with Leeds firm

Directors at a rapidly growing Yorkshire-based business have decided to take their own stand against the Israeli attacks on Palestine by cancelling a huge investment opportunity

iBoardTouch specialise in providing the latest interactive touchscreen technologies and despite only setting up less than two years ago, is already the second largest touchscreen manufacturer in the UK.

Directors, Zulfi Baig and Saeed Rana, expressed their anger at what is currently happening in Gaza and said they were unwilling to show any kind of support to Israel at this time

With upcoming investment opportunities in both Germany and Dubai, which would accompany already established markets abroad, the business is gaining international notice.

However, one investment opportunity ‘had to be cancelled’, according to the company’s directors, as it would be ‘morally wrong’ to financially support a nation currently in the midst of war.

Directors, Zulfi Baig and Saeed Rana, expressed their anger at what is currently happening in Gaza and said they were unwilling to show any kind of support to Israel at this time.

“At the end of the day, we, as human beings, need to look at what is happening in Gaza and say enough is enough,” Mr Baig said.

“We took the decision not to invest in the country purely because we did not want to show any financial support to Israel whilst this injustice is going on.

“Yes, we will take a hit with this as we even had plans to open offices over there, but we couldn’t morally go into a country which is committing crimes, on this scale.

“Hundreds of people are dying because of Israel’s actions and we had initially planned to do a six-figure- deal with the country, yet that has now been scrapped.”

Mr Rana added: “We have done our part in that sense, but why can’t somewhere such as Qatar help all the innocent Palestinians affected by the bombings.

“They have been spending billions on a World Cup yet nothing to help these people.

“The price of Muslim blood seems extremely low at the moment, less than a football ticket.”

Peaceful protests have been taking place up and down the UK over the past two weeks in  response to the ongoing unrest in Palestine.

Both Mr Rana and Mr Baig praised the demonstrations as a way of creating awareness and added that it was now time to hit Israel ‘where it really hurts, in the  pocket’.

“I would suggest to everyone that we vote with our feet,” Mr Rana said.

“Stop buying products which were made in Israel from your supermarket because eventually it will make a difference.

“It may only be a few pounds here and there, but if everybody took this stand we would get noticed and the country would be forced to undertake the change which is needed right now.”