Serious discontent has grown among students of the University of Bradford over the constant absence of its vice chancellor Imran Khan.

Khan has been so embroiled in Pakistani politics that he hasn’t attended a single graduation ceremony since 2010.

The University’s student union has now floated a motion to drop the cricketing legend turned politician in Pakistan from the highest post. The motion, which was raised by Mohsin Tanveer, will be voted on by the student’s union next month.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan

Tanveer said: “Many students are unhappy with the fact that they have been denied the opportunity to engage with the chancellor on a regular basis.”

Khan was appointed to the post in December 2005 and is the fifth chancellor of the University since its inception in 1966.

The University defended Khan with its chief executive Professor Brian Cantor who runs the university asking students to show sympathy.

Cantor said: “Our chancellor has a major political role in Pakistan, a country which has serious problems with terrorism, education and poverty.

“While I understand that it is frustrating for students that Khan has not attended an award ceremony at Bradford for some time, I have urged students to be sympathetic to the situation in Pakistan and the responsibility Khan has to improving the state of the country.

“I have appealed to the better nature of our student body to be more supportive of the work Khan has to carry out as a politician.”