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MAKING WAVES: British washing machine project empowers widows

Founded by London-based Navjot Sawhney (left), TWMP is striving to alleviate the burden of hand washing clothes for women living in...

‘Vital’ funding secured: Bradford project is revived by Lottery cash boost

A Bradford project has been rejuvenated thanks to a much needed cash injection from the Big Lottery Fund after the council withdrew four years...

Expanding at the Bazaar: Half-a-million-pound project set to open in Bradford

One of Bradford’s most visited shopping hotspots is preparing to launch a new £500,000 expansion later this year, as it becomes one of the...

Children have a ‘CHOICE’: School project to be rolled out following

A successful scheme, which has given primary school children a first-hand insight into life in the police and fire services, is set to be...