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Birmingham trio charged with drugs and firearms supply

A trio from Birmingham arrested have been charged with drugs and firearms offences, after officers seized a sub-machine gun, drugs and cash.

Terror charge for suspect in Norway mosque attack

22-year-old Norwegian Philp Manshaus suspected of killing his stepsister and then storming into an Oslo mosque with firearms has been charged with...

HISTORIC: San Francisco labels NRA a ‘Domestic Terrorism Organisation’

USA: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution declaring the country's National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorism organisation” due...

Over 80 guns handed into police

  A total of 83 firearms and 1,175 rounds of ammunition were handed in during the Met’s one-week gun surrender. Among the guns handed in were...

AK47s amongst the mountain of life-threatening loot handed in to police

Ammunition amnesty A weapons amnesty across West Yorkshire has meant that an enormous haul of guns and knives have been handed over to police. This included...