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Shah Hussain set for huge MMA showdown

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Hussain set for biggest fight of his career so far on 30th September

Hussain set for biggest fight of his career so far on 30th September


‘No Pain’ Hussain set for exciting encounter against top ranked MMA Veteran John ‘the one’ Maguire

Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Shah ‘no pain’ Hussain is back in action on the Rise of Champions 4 show in Brentwood, Essex on 30th September.

Shah will be fighting against the top ranked UK Welterweight and UFC veteran John ‘the one’ Maguire, in what promises to be an exciting and engaging fight.

Hussain has competed in the pro ranks of UK MMA since 2006 and on the domestic circuit and Is well known to fans both in the UK and abroad.

The Fighter who is part of Team Crossface and fight agency fighter has so far had 23 professional contests to date and has competed against the top ranked fighters in his category.

John Maguire does pose Shah’s biggest challenge to date, as he does have experience of fighting on the biggest stage in MMA, with a respectable record of 23 wins and 8 defeats in an 11-year career.

Hussain himself made his International debut last year, competing in Pakistan twice. First was in April 2016 in Lahore, this was an anti-climax with a no contest against Afghanistan’s Abdul Sami Wali due to an illegal groin strike.

Shah who has a record of 11 wins and 11 defeats, returned to Pakistan in January 2017 to win in style via TKO in the 1st round against Ajmal Fraji. Hussain is currently enjoying a three-fight win streak and will be looking to carry on this momentum.

Hussain hails from Slough, County Berkshire but was born in Birmingham. He currently works as a private sector body guard for a high net worth client. He is also married with two children.

He began training in Mixed Martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2004 and was a late starter to MMA, making his cage debut at 26 and ‘no pain’ appears to be peaking now demonstrating an array of skills of late, which has seen him finish his last three opponents via TKO.

Hussain secured his trip to the world-renowned Phuket top team in Thailand for September and he is looking forward to competing in the ‘land of smiles’. He spoke about his Thailand Trip and his upcoming fight he said:

“I have gone away training in Thailand quite a few times over the years now and each time at different gyms, so a trip back was overdue.

“I’m already in fight camp and happy with where I should be at this stage but wanted to finish strong, so wanted to get away from life’s distractions here in the UK such as work.

“At Phuket Top Team, I know all I will be doing will be eating, sleeping and training and completely focused on preparation.

“I’m looking forward to fight night on September 30th where I’m bring it to my opponent.

“I’d like to thank God first and foremost for everything that he has blessed me with and a massive thank you to all my supporters and individuals who continue to support me in my journey.”  

Moss Side Jihadist fighter dies

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KILLED IN SYRIA: 23-year-old Raphael Hostey is one of the latest Jihadist fighters to be killed in the Middle East

KILLED IN SYRIA: 23-year-old Raphael Hostey is one of the latest Jihadist fighters to be killed in the Middle East

Former Liverpool Uni student killed in Syria

A Jihadist fighter and key figure of Daesh recruitment - from Moss Side in Manchester -has been killed in Syria, according to reports.

Last week, Raphael Hostey, a former graphic design student at Liverpool’s John Moores University, who fought under the nom-de-guerre Abu Qaqa al-Britani, is believed to have died in the war besieged country.

The 23-year-old travelled from the UK to the Middle East over a year ago, along with fellow students, Mohammed Azzam Javeed, from Levenshulme, and Anil Khalil Raoufi, from Didsbury.

In 2014, both Javeed and Raoufi are believed to have died fighting for Daesh, yet Hostey rose to the rank of senior commander, becoming an influential character that was responsible for enticing hundreds of Brits to Syria.

Before taking off to fight, Hostey was described as a keen rapper, known as ‘the baby faced rapper’. However, he soon became entangled in the politics of Daesh and was deemed dangerous by intelligence services.

He is believed to have left behind a wife and child after his death was reported on Twitter by Amarnath Amarasingam - a post-doctoral researcher at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

As yet, the Foreign Office have unable to confirm his death.

Mr Amarasingam said he was told Hostey had been killed in action by fighters in Syria.

It is understood three other British men were fatally injured in the same attack.

King's College war studies lecturer, Shiraz Maher, said Hostey had been focused on propaganda after being shot in the foot in December 2013.

Beeston boxing teen becomes national champion

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CHAMP: Ismail Khan is the new NABGC 52kg champion

CHAMP: Ismail Khan is the new NABGC 52kg champion

Ismail Khan fights his way to the top

As British boxers continue to dominate sport headlines around the world this month, a local Leeds fighter has proven he is certainly ‘one to watch’ for the future after clinching a prestigious national title.

Bradford College Student, Ismail Khan, fought his way to victory in the National Association of Boys and Girls Clubs (NABGC) last week, triumphing in the 52kg category against the experienced James McDonagh.

Having qualified through the regional heats last month, the 18-year-old arrived at the national finals on Thursday 3rd December at Sir Phillip Game Centre in Croydon.

Both boxers made a cautious start to the contest, opting to fight on the back foot and waiting for their opponents to make a mistake and present an opening.

It was eventually Khan’s lightening hand speed and perfect timing which gave him the advantage over McDonagh, who had previously only suffered one defeat in his amateur career.

Landing some well-timed combinations in the second round, he kept out of reach of McDonagh’s jab, dominating the closing exchanges.

After a sweaty and sensational fight, Khan claimed a unanimous point’s decision and is now the proud holder of the NABGC 2015 title.

With the ABAs now in his sights, the future looks bright for the boxer from Beeston with this latest achievement put down to hard work and teamwork.

BOXING: Khan says he has the ABAs in his sights as he hopes to build up a reputation in the amateurs

BOXING: Khan says he has the ABAs in his sights as he hopes to build up a reputation in the amateurs

Speaking after his championship win, Ismail said: “I was really happy to win this title and I’ve worked extremely hard to get it this year.

“I knew this year was my year, since joining KBW. We have an excellent team and brilliant facilities and I have progressed really well since I moved.

“I’d like to give a big thank you to my father (and coach) Rash Khan, for putting the time in with me over the years and also my KBW coaches; Alan Haque, Tanny Hussain, Shammy Cheema and my old coach Keith Tate from Cleckheaton Boxing Academy.

“I would also like to thank all my team mates and friends, not forgetting my previous clubs, Burmantofts ABC and Hunslet Boys’ Club from Leeds, where I started my boxing journey as a child.”

Cheema is Champ: KBW fighter claims victory in grudge match

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FIGHT: Junaid Cheema picked up a hard fought TKO victory over Brad Conway last weekend

FIGHT: Junaid Cheema picked up a hard fought TKO victory over Brad Conway last weekend

A mixed martial arts fighter from Dewsbury has raised thousands of pounds for an orphanage in Palestine after defeating a long time rival in Bradford last weekend.

On Sunday 20th September, Junaid Cheema faced off against 100-bout veteran Brad Conway as crowds packed into Bradford’s Cedar Court Hotel for the Combat Challenge show.

A close fight was always expected between the two competitors and it was pre-fight favourite, Conway, who started the liveliest despite a roaring crowd support for the challenger.

Swinging wildly out of his corner, and landing with a couple of shots, the 33-year-old middleweight was taking the contest to Cheema before the KBW fighter was able to land a couple of combination shots of his own.

Just as Cheema was gaining momentum, the match was halted as Conway was forced to the canvas following a mid-section kick.

Complaining that the kick was ‘low’ to allow maximum recovery time, replays showed contact only occurred with the abdomen and the fight continued.

Cheema increased the pressure by throwing numerous kicks to the legs and body, once again forcing Conway to the canvas and despite attempts to rally, he was met with further devastating blows by the Dewsbury competitor.

With the fight looking likely to be stopped by the referee, Conway threw in the towel as he was treated in his corner, awarding Cheema the victory by TKO.

As well as the triumph, Cheema was also able to take pride in knowing he raised a large sum of money from the night for the Wadi-El-Fara orphanage project based in the west bank of Palestine.

Speaking after the fight, he said: “This was a much needed win for KBW.

“The club has grown into a major force in the amateur boxing circuit hosting an impressive stable of talented young boxes that train at the gym from all over Yorkshire.”