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Platinum Car Hire: Leeds businessman turns passion into profit

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Platinum Car Hire expands fleet to include some of UK’s most exclusive luxury brands

A qualified builder from Leeds who’s been in the trade for 13-years has now revved up enough initiative to start his very own supercar hire empire.

Haroon Akhtar, who’s childhood dreams of owning and driving luxury cars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolls Royces has been the driving factor behind his vision to open his own showroom - ‘Platinum Car Hire.’

Akhtar realised a gap in the market for car-enthusiasts who want access to a luxury vehicle without the fuss.

Whilst there are many hire car companies around the UK and West Yorkshire, what differs Platinum from the others is having the latest fleet of luxury super cars and quick and easy access to anyone wanting this type of car and even offers an afterhours service.

“My passion for top end cars came with my first purchase at 21 – I bought a Ferrari 360 Modano in silver,” says Akhtar.

“I just kept on going, adding to my collection and now I have a substantial number of luxury vehicles on the books.”

With the future vision of Platinum Car Hire to be the largest collector of supercars in the
North, eventually going on to expand Nationwide, Akhtar aims to compete with the very best
companies in the field.

Platinum Car Hire now own a Ferrari 488, Rolls Royce Dawn Drophead, Lamborghini Aventador Lamborghini Hurrancian Spider, Audi R8 V10, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover
Vogue, Audi Q7, Mercedes E Class and Mercedes S Class and many more, and are constantly updating their fleet to provide access to the best and most exclusive luxury cars on the market.


Government’s road tax plans set to cost car hire firms millions

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The car rental industry could be hit with a tax rise of more than £30 million if the government goes ahead with its plans to change the Vehicle Excise Duty regime next year.

In the 2015 Summer Budget, the previous Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced that a new taxation system will be introduced for cars registered after 1st April 2017. The first year tax for new cars will still be linked to CO2 emissions, but in subsequent years the tax will be calculated according to the vehicle’s list price.

Rental companies have said that if they were to operate similar fleets from April 2017, these changes would see them hit with a tax rise of £31.4m. In order to mitigate against this tax rise, car rental firms have said they will operate their fleets for longer. Data supplied to the BVRLA by rental companies suggests this will result in over 29,000 fewer new car registrations by car rental firms next year.

Ahead of tomorrow’s Autumn Statement, BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney has urged new Chancellor Philip Hammond to defer or phase in the implementation of the first year VED rates. H

Mr Keaney said: “Rental companies account for a substantial proportion of new car purchases in the UK, and if these reforms go through, the Government will seriously damage its green agenda and its air quality goals. Many of these cars are ultra-low emission vehicles, and by introducing these VED reforms, the government will be adversely hampering its overall goal to drive the take-up of clean vehicles and improve road safety.”

The BVRLA believes that the VED changes will result in rental companies choosing to keep their existing fleet longer. By doing this – instead of purchasing new cars – even fewer modern, clean, safe vehicles will be purchased and put onto the UK’s roads. Furthermore, it will reduce the supply of these nearly-new vehicles into the second-hand marketplace, preventing more motorists from accessing affordable low-emission cars.

The proposals will also prevent the industry from claiming £1.67million every year in legitimate refunds. Car rental companies operate the newest fleet on UK roads, and the average rental car is just eight months old. However, from April 2017, rental companies will no longer be able to reclaim the full first year rate of tax on any vehicle they dispose of which emits more than 110 g/km CO2.

Mr Keaney added: “We are calling for these complex refund rules to be removed so that anybody selling their car is fairly entitled to claim back the full amount of unused tax owed to them. Tomorrow’s Autumn Statement gives the new Chancellor the perfect opportunity to show leadership and signal that he clearly understands the negative impact these changes to the VED system could have on the UK automotive industry.”

Making the road your catwalk

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Specialists in contract hire and leasing

Smart Vehicle Hrie

Smart Vehicle Hrie

With more than £50million worth of car sales passing through their hands last year, it is no surprise that Smart Vehicle Options is quickly becoming a national leader in the vehicle leasing industry.

Providing motors to businesses and individual clients alike, the Bradford-born business has quickly established itself as the most competitive leasing company across the nation.

Thousands of satisfied customers, from London up to Scotland, take advantage of some amazing deals which have to be seen to be believed.

Starting from less than £40 a month, it has never been easier to get behind the wheel of a brand new car and take to the streets in your new motor.

Smart Vehicle Options is the realisation of a ‘dream come true’ for entrepreneurs, Amir Khan Hussain and Anjam Mahmood, who have always been self-confessed car-enthusiasts.

Coming from a successful property investment background, Mr Hussain saw a gap in the car leasing market and made it his mission to provide brand new motors at a fraction of the cost of his competitors.

Over the last five years, the business has seen substantial growth, setting up new offices in London and Manchester, whilst two more sites are planned for opening in the future in Midlands and Scotland.

“Whether your requirements are Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen or BMW, Smart Vehicle Options deal directly with the manufacturers and have over 50 different finance houses on board,” Mr Hussain said.

“We have literally had people call us to ask if our deals are actually real because of the huge discounted rates we offer.

“Take the new Citroen C1 for example. Not only do we have an amazing offer at the moment, but you cannot find our prices anywhere else.

“For just £37.42 a month plus VAT, and an initial down-payment of £1,000 plus VAT, you could be driving away with a brand new car for the next 18 months.”

Businesses are able to take advantage of a range of services including fleet management, which sees Team SVO handle all your company’s transportation needs if requested.

There are also huge tax and VAT benefits that are bound to enhance any company’s financial position.

An array of vans, as well as pick-up trucks, combi-motors, and even refrigerated vehicles can be leased on contracts between 18-months and 48-months.

SME’s across the country have already begun benefiting from the cheapest contract hire and leasing company around, and now Mr Hussain says he wants to bring the business back to its roots in Bradford.

“The past five years have been fantastic, in that we have grown so much,” he explained. “However, what seems to have happened is that Bradford has been overlooked.

“We have clients from the city but there are so many more small to medium sized companies who could benefit so much from our services.

“Whether clients just want a quick quote from our website or request a certain fleet of vehicles directly, I guarantee we can arrange something at the cheapest price possible.”

Online, the Smart Vehicle Options presence is huge, with its easy-to-use interface only matched by vehicle-giants Auto-Trader.

The super-fast site showcases hundreds of vehicles which are ready to be leased, with payment plans and car details all specified in the simplest format.

Clients can benefit from full maintenance on all motors whilst Smart Vehicle Options also guarantee that their gap insurance is the cheapest in the country.



Phone: 01274 770 082







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CitroenCitroen C1 Hatchback 1.0VTI Touch 3DR

Annual mileage 5,000

Initial Payment: £1,000 + vat

17 x Monthly Payments: £37.32 + vat

18 Month deal


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mercedes-benz_e_class_estateMercedes E220 Blue TEC AMG Line 5dr Estate 7G Auto

Annual mileage 8,000

Initial Payment: £2,460 + vat

23 x Monthly Payments: £205 + vat

24 Month Deal

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