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Arjun Kapoor: “I am not playing angry young man”

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arjun kapoor-2Arjun Kapoor’s obnoxious; angry young man character in his first film ‘Ishaqzaade’ became quite popular with filmmakers and audiences.

While each of his characters, be it ‘Gunday’ or upcoming film ‘Tevar’, appear to be on the same lines, Arjun feels its merely people’s assumption.

Says Arjun: “Until you watch the film; you won’t come to know how ‘Tevar’ is different from ‘Ishaqzaade’. There is a difference in their journeys.

“Both the characters and stories are altogether different. It’s just people’s assumption that I am playing an angry young man once again, which is incorrect. After looking at one or two shots from the film, people concluded that I am playing angry man in ‘Tevar’.”

He adds, “In ‘Ishaqzaade’, I played a character, who is mentally not very happy, lost in his world. It had little grey shades. While in ‘Gunday’, I played a short-tempered, front-footed, arrogant goon. Whereas, Pinto Shukla of ‘Tevar’ is a normal guy, dwelling in a small town, who has not found direction in life. He lives in his own world and gives a damn about others. He is an ordinary boy who gets stuck in extraordinary situation.”

‘Happy New Year’ is 7th highest-grossing Bollywood film overseas

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Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

Considering that Shah Rukh Khan has a huge fan following in the overseas market, it was expected that ‘Happy New Year’ would perform exceptionally well.

Whether it was anticipated that the film would become the seventh highest-grossing Bollywood film overseas, the fact is that this Farah Khan directorial has now collected $13 million in the international circuit in just ten days.

It has now beaten the collections of three films as it jumped directly to the seventh position.

The film surpassed the collections of two of Shah Rukh’s films i.e ‘Don 2’ which had collected $11,750,000 and ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehana’, which had raked in $10,770,000.

Also ‘Happy New Year’ has now beaten this year’s entrant ‘Kick’ which had made $11,100,000 million overseas.

Emma Watson to go Bollywood?

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Emma Watson at harry potter premiere

Emma Watson at harry potter premiere

Whispers are that British actress Emma Watson is in talks to possibly star in a new Bollywood movie.

It’s being said that the Harry Potter ‘Hermione Granger’ has been approached by the nephew of famous Indian actor Dev Anand - Shekhar Kapur who is a celebrated producer and director in the Indian film industry.

Kapur has worked on both Bollywood and Hollywood movies in the past, including his Oscar-nominated biopic of Elizabeth I, The Golden Age, starring Cate Blanchett.

Word is that Emma has been asked to play a central role in Kapur’s latest film ‘Paani’, which stars Sushant Singh Rajput.

While more details of ‘Paani’ are expected very soon, we know that it’s being produced under the ‘Yash Raj Films’ banner and the story is a sci-fi romance set in the future when the earth's water supply has run out.

INTERESTING: Nephew of famous Indian actor Dev Anand, Shekhar Kapur has approached Emma Watson with Aditiya Chopra to star in his next film

INTERESTING: Nephew of famous Indian actor Dev Anand, Shekhar Kapur has approached Emma Watson with Aditiya Chopra to star in his next film

Interestingly, John Travolta has also revealed that he’d been offered a role for the film. Commenting at the recent International Indian Film Academy awards (IIFA) at Tampa Bay, Florida, which he attended, he said that he has known Kapur for some time and that he is ‘open to working in Hindi films if I like the story and my part’.

While it is yet to be seen if Emma is up for the odd ‘dhumkha’ here and there… we’ll let you know when we know more.