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Incredible Bulk: Mum-of-five annihilates half her body weight & transforms into yummy mummy

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A mother-of-five armed with a cast-iron will has lost almost half her body weight, transforming her from “some moti” to the ultimate “yummy mummy.” She did all this by her changing her attitude towards food.

Injecting herself every day to cope with life, Rehana Abbasi who weighed a whopping 19-stones (266-lbs) at her heaviest, faced the very real life-threatening reality of blood clotting in her body.

FAMILY: Rehana Abbasi with her five beautiful children has more energy than ever since she shed 9-stones

FAMILY: Rehana Abbasi with her five beautiful children has more energy than ever since she shed 9-stones


Ever since becoming pregnant and giving birth to her first child in January 2004, Rehana’s weight had been on a complete roller coaster ride. Her weight-troubles doubled after her second child within a year of the first.

Though she did initially shift a very impressive five stones in weight, she found it all slowly kept piling on, due to her further pregnancies. By the time baby number five came along in 2013, things were way, way out of control.

But then a defining moment, at a Bradford boutique, set her on the path to addressing the “bull by the horns”, so-to-speak, and finally put her mind to changing her life around.

LOOK AT ME NOW: Rehana celebrates her new fabulous figure and enjoys test driving super cars as her passion

LOOK AT ME NOW: Rehana celebrates her new fabulous figure and enjoys test driving super cars as her passion

“I walked into the shop and spoke to the lady in English as I normally do, and asked a question about a product,” Rehana recalls.

“She stared at me and then turned around and shouted somewhere into the back of the shop, to someone who I assume was the owner, in Urdu: ‘Koi moti aayi hai, aa ke us ki help karo’ (some fatty is here come and help her).’

“I think she had thought that I didn't understand Urdu/Punjabi - it often happens because I have a strong Scottish accent and people assume I only know English.”

“I walked out of the shop, back to the car with tears welling up in my eyes… that's when I decided no more.”

Rehana arranged consultations with her doctors, dieticians and personal trainers, and was on a mission to gather expert knowledge and put her very-own weight-loss scheme together.

Devising a protein-based plan with a strict calorie controlled intake combined with exercise, she shifted an astonishing nine-stones (126 pounds) in weight.

Now at a sensational size 10, and life-changing 142-lbs in weight, Rehana has rediscovered the fun in life. She says the biggest difference is that she gets treated with so much respect now compared to before, “it’s unreal” she says.

“I could always sense a feeling of being looked down at or being frowned upon or people thinking negative of me. I couldn't even walk into a normal high street clothes shop for about ten-years it was so embarrassing carrying all that weight.

“Now it's like everyone wants to know me or be associated with me in some way, but I'm not complaining,” she laughs.

“I get loads and loads of attention. When I go to the cinema, shopping or just generally when I’m out and about, I notice many envious looks from other women!”

She says: “All of my success is only through Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

“…and keeping the weight off is as equally challenging as losing the weight.

“But the best way is stick to the calories your body needs, and you will be able to maintain your weight.

“It's all about calorie-control and will power - it's difficult but not impossible.

“Many people put weight back on, and one main reason is they move away from the diet plan they were on to lose the weight to begin with.

“The harsh truth is that you really must stick to a calorie controlled diet and change your eating habits for life to maintain your weight and not just for when you’re losing weight or you will put it back on.”

Half the Man he was: Super slimmer sheds almost half his body weight

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manpreet with trousers 2 (299x450)A Huddersfield man, who lost over 13 stones during his fight with obesity, is now appealing for help in raising funds to tackle the problem of his excess skin.

Mental health worker Manpreet Singh, 25, ballooned to 28st 10lbs at his heaviest four years ago when he took the decision to begin losing the pounds in pursuit of a ‘normal life’.

Today, he weighs in at around 15st 10lbs and has swapped the size 58 trousers for a more comfortable waistline of 36 inches, whilst the XXXXXL jumpers have also been thrown out.

Despite achieving such an inspirational weight loss, Manpreet has been left with the weighty issue of his sagging waistline.

After his application to have body contour surgery through the NHS was declined, Manpreet decided to set up his own fundraising campaign.

Aiming to raise £9,000 he said: “At first I thought it was just how I was losing fat, but it turned out to be excess skin.

“Over the last year it has become very noticeable and now I am trying to raise the money to have it surgically removed.

“I have put down the fundraising target of £9,000 as that is the cost to do the stomach alone and that is where most of the excess skin is. For my whole body I have been quoted £20,000.”

manpreet edited (299x450)Manpreet’s decision to begin shedding weight came after noticing the impact that his size was beginning to have on his health.

Through his own dieting methods and workout regimes, he managed to reach target after target and is still working towards living a healthier life.

“There is a horrible stigma attached to being a fat person and everywhere you go people are shamed for being fat,” he said. “That certainly contributed to it for me but also at a certain weight it does start to affect your health.

“I guess at the end of the day, I just wanted to feel fitter and healthier. I wanted to fit into normal sized clothes.”

During his mammoth weight loss, Manpreet has battled mental health issues including eating disorders and had to fight depression.

He has documented much of this in an online blog, and hopes it can help others who are going through similar things.

“Depression and mental health is still a lingering issue for me but the blog has been really helpful in helping me deal with some of the biggest challenges I have had to face,” he added.

“I hope it can help tackle some of the stigmas attached to mental health and obesity. There is a lot of taboo around these subjects and it needs exposing.”

If you would like to donate to Manpreet’s surgery fund, please visit

Likewise, his blog can be read at