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‘No Fathers in Kashmir’: First British Kashmiri film is both compelling...

In an age of shrill arguments and polarised debates, those trying to navigate the nuanced spaces in between are a disappearing tribe.

“India must treat Kashmir as a great democracy should”

She said: "Just look at the case of Asrar Ahmad Khan. Despite the denials of the Indian Government, medical records and scans released by the hospital present irrefutable evidence that he died as the result of a shotgun pellet to the head.

KASHMIR: Pakistan PM Imran Khan leads solidarity rallies

Imran Khan has vowed to raise allegations of violations in the disputed region of Kashmir perpetrated by India with the Human...

UN asked to remove Priyanka Chopra as goodwill ambassador

Pakistan has called upon UNICEF to remove Indian actress Priyanka Chopra as goodwill ambassador, accusing her of supporting a nuclear war.