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Zayn Malik death threats

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One Direction singer Zayn Malik has had a deluge of murder threats and messages of complaint on Twitter for supporting the #FreePalestine campaign

Zayn Malik probably knew his protest tweet was the right decision and would cause a stir when he fired it off to his 13 million followers.

American Music Awards, Press Room, Los Angeles, America - 24 Nov 2013

The hashtag has been trending for weeks now, and Zayn hit a massive 130,000 retweets and 138,000 favourites in a matter of minutes, and within 24 hours accumulated 230,000 retweets and favourites.

The popstar's dedicated fans are an engaged bunch on social media. Even a simple smiley emoticon issued from his account clocks up 180,000 retweets.

However, it soon became apparent that not everyone agreed with his sentiments on Palestine, as it’s earned the young singer rebukes, abuse and even death threats.

zayn malik tweet

Angry Israeli fans have sent him some heavily furious and alarmingly violent responses calling for him to "kill himself" or to let them kill him instead.



The death threats even came from former fans, such as this person who continued to tweet Malik and anyone supporting him.

Of course, Malik isn’t the first famous face to tweet about the conflict. Rihanna forced a similar reaction when she posted #FreePalestine via her official account, only to delete it minutes later.

The current Gaza conflict has resulted in the deaths of more than 1200 Palestinians and around 60 Israelis.

It's also caused a spike in online abuse and arguments. Several racist hashtags have been trending for days.

Many social media users are sharing graphic images of victims on both sides.

Interestingly, many celebrities have been wary of commenting on the issue, spiking resentment and anger amongst their fan bases.

On Facebook, one person said: “Shocking how our Asian music artists and Bollywood celebrities have stayed away from voicing their opinion about the mass killing of Palestinians. Disgusted! If you can’t support your fans – why should your fans support you?”

Asian artists who have stepped forward and commented publically include England cricketer Moeen Ali, boxers Amir Khan and Adil Anwar, singers Usman Rehman, Shide Boss, Nafees, Bonafide, Kash Chaudhry, Nabz Chaudhry and dancers SonaAsh.

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‘A year to prove myself’

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After back-to-back defeats at the end of 2013, Adil Anwar’s flourishing boxing career took a huge body blow, yet now, with a full year ahead of him, he vows to come back stronger and better than ever before.

At just 26-years-old, the ‘Platinum Kid’ certainly has time on his side, and his loyal followers will, no doubt, continue to support their Yorkshire battler.

However, if he is ever to get back into contention for a British title, the Leeds ace will have to ensure 2014 begins in a different way than his previous year finished.

CONFIDENT: Adil ‘The Platinum Kid’ Anwar, is determined to prove himself to his fans this year, as he aims to get back into contention for a British title shot

CONFIDENT: Adil ‘The Platinum Kid’ Anwar, is determined to prove himself to his fans this year, as he aims to get back into contention for a British title shot

He said: “2014 is a year to prove myself once again worthy of a British Title, I will be working harder than ever to achieve my goal.

“I need to get back on track and prove to everyone that I am a great fighter and the set back is all a part of the journey. At the end of the day, you win some; you lose some, that's boxing for you. What matters is how you come back.

“I'm determined to show the boxing world what I'm capable of doing. Last year didn't end how I wanted it to but that's all in the past.

“I'm focussed on what is ahead and what must be done in order to get there, which is to, eat, sleep and live boxing.”

His loss at the hands of Simone Lucas in his last outing in September came as a shock to many in the boxing world, with the former Prizefighter winner losing on home soil to the Nottingham fighter.

Since then, he has been forced to return to work, training alongside his day-job, yet it has only acted as motivation for Anwar, who vows to make it up to all his supporters and himself.

“I want to show the local fans why they should continue supporting me and show them the difference that their support makes,” he said. “I have the most loyal supporters who have been there through the wins and the losses.

“It has been difficult [returning to work], but nothing I can't handle and that's how I started before winning Prizefighter. It's a lot of hard work but...it makes my aims and goals much clearer and gives me more motivation to reach them.”

Anwar’s next bout is set to take place at the same venue where he suffered defeat last time out, at the Leeds United Banqueting Suite, Elland Road, on the 28th March.

Despite no opponent yet being named, the light-welterweight boxer says he is ‘hungrier’ than ever before for victory, and knows that this fight is the perfect chance to kick-start his rise back to the top.

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