(l-r) Mohammed Azeem (Friend of Airedale Hospital) and Nazim Ali (Creating Smiles Gifts Initiative Co-ordinator)

A  school careers adviser, who’s raised around £800,000 for charity, has just handed out gifts to poorly children in hospital, as part of his annual feel-good pressies distribution drive.

Nazim Ali, an Honorary Fellow at the University of Bradford, created some beaming smiles at Airedale Hospital’s children’s ward, in his 11th year of gift-giving.

The prolific fundraiser, best known as Bradford’s ‘Ramadan Runner’ for his running challenges while fasting, raises monies for causes around the world as well as for those at home. Earlier this year, he launched his ‘Nazim Ali Foundation’.

Talking about his recent gift-giving at Airedale Hospital, Nazim says: “ It’s a great honour, and I’m profoundly humbled to have arranged the 11th Annual ‘Creating Smiles Gifts’ initiative to celebrate one of the holiest days in the Islamic calendar.

“Thursday 8th February 2024 marked the 27th Rajab in the Islamic calendar, and the date on which Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) travelled from Makkah to Jerusalem, and from there to the seven heavens and met Allah (God).

“Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has inspired through his life and teachings for Muslims like myself to engage in civic renewal, which I have done proactively and steadfastly for 26-years. They taught me irrespective of faith or ethnicity to help others.”

Nazim expressed his gratitude to his sponsors and friends who assisted with choosing the gifts for children and helped in distributing the toys.

Over the 11-years of Nazim’s toy distribution, Nazim’s made 40 rounds of toy drop-offs, part of his “Creating Smiles’ gift-giving initiative. As a Muslim, Nazim is passionate about reaching out to not just Muslims, but also the wider communities.

He adds: “The gifts are for all children in the ward irrespective of faith. The universal concept of kindness and compassion to all, particularly those in need, is embedded within my faith.”

“It is these values that bring all people together regardless of belief and we hope we have achieved this at some level.”

Maria Barrick (Play Specialist at Airedale Hospital) said: “I’d like to say a huge thank you to Nazim, Azeem & Saveco Cash & Carry for their continued support of our children’s unit. These gifts will be hugely appreciated by the children and families on the unit.”