Supporters of Pakistan’s ex prime minister, Imran Khan, are organising a rally at Millennium Square, Leeds, and calling for his release and fair elections in the country.

The independent group of UK-based Pakistani’s – ‘Leeds Friends of Pakistan & Imran Khan’, say their mission is to highlight the legal and political injustices in Pakistan.

The group has organised a peaceful protest at 12pm on Saturday 9th September 2023 to raise awareness of human rights violations, suppression of free media and blatant attacks on Pakistan’s democratic processes.

They state that Pakistan’s current Government is denying the people of Pakistan a free and fair election, and voting process, hence blocking the country for a ruling Government of their choosing.

Organiser Mohammed Arif, who lives in Leeds, says: “Pakistan is facing an existential threat where the country’s Constitution is being violated, rule of law ignored, and human rights abused daily.

“We are inviting people to join us on 9th September 2023 to learn and rally for change on the abuses currently taking place in Pakistan, the unlawful imprisonment of Imran Khan, the most popular leader of the largest democratic party in Pakistan.

“Together we will raise our voice against these injustices, campaign for immediate release of Imran Khan.

“Following the protest, we will share information, mobilise our political class to raise the issue of Pakistan in UK Parliament and demonstrate through actions the values we purportedly stand for and promote globally.”

For more information please contact:
Tariq Mahmood 07801 589273
Amrez Iqbal 07472 236982
Mohammed Arif 07714 936356


Also joining the protest from London, is the famous law graduate Shayan Ali, who has garnered global support and respect with his outright contesting of Pakistan’s governing bodies and blatant free speech. His brazen calls for holding the country’s leaders accountable has been met with numerous attempts to be legally suppressed.