With the film release so near, what are your expectations from the movie?

 Ans: I so-so between being confident to being anxious to being excited, not jus for the movie but also for myself as an actor.

2.     What do you think audiences will think of it or do you switch off after the release of your movie?

            Ans: It’s hard to say and predict but the response on all that has been out is very positive, people find it fresh, and are loving the music.

3.     What should audiences expect from the film and why should they go and watch the film in cinemas?

 Ans: why not?!! Cinema is a great experience generally which I think can’t compare to watching on your tablets, phones or even home theatres. The movie has beautiful visuals as it’s shot in Georgia, Thailand and Dubai and all these places are relevant to the story and not just picked to have gorgeous backdrops.

4.     How are you feeling? What are your thoughts with the cinematic release of your film?

 Ans: A lot excitement and a bit of anxiety but because there is so much to do prior to the release that there is hardly time to sink it all in.

5.     How did the idea of making a Hindi and Urdu movie came across?

             Ans: For the simple reason that the subcontinent has so much in common starting from culture, language history etc and they need a neutral platform that can just focus on art and creativity.Dubai is the perfect place for that.

6.     What were the challenges you faced whilst shooting for the movie?

Ans: Hurdles are always there in any task worth taking up and so we had many too. Now that the movie is complete and ready to be showcased everything seems to be a blurr it’s all good times now.

7.     Any message you want to share with our readers in the UK?

My most vivid memory of uk is when I had gone to watch DDLJ in London that feeling still lingers on…the cold weather the romance and that music. I love the people in the UK as they have kept the culture thriving it’s the next best place for our industry. 

I would love people to come and watch Yaara Vey.