Nazim Ali, over the years, has raised in excess of £625,000 for numerous humanitarian causes both in the UK and abroad

The dedicated runner from Yorkshire who gobbles up the road miles for charity, set himself a new set of running challenges over three consecutive weekends in a bid to raise as much as he can to provide survival food parcels in Uganda.

School career’s advisor, Nazim Ali, is no stranger to fundraising and has raised well over half a million pounds for humanitarian causes both in Britain and abroad by braving up to running challenges.

His mission this time, was to raise monies so that he can help buy and deliver hundreds of food parcels – carrying a month’s supply of essentials for survival to the most destitute families in Uganda, Africa.

It all began last month on Sunday 11th September, when Nazim AKA ‘Ramadan Runner’ (a title acquired for his famous fundraising runs while fasting), at his own expense, successfully completed the Great North Run’s half marathon (13.1 miles) in Newcastle.

Then, on Sunday 18th September, Nazim completed a 10K run in his home city of Bradford.

His third and final run for this challenge was the Sheffield 10K on Sunday 25th September, which he nailed in a record time of 58 minutes and 34 seconds – Nazim’s fastest 10K run time since his significant leg injury a few years ago.

Nazim explains why he’s so passionate about delivering aid in Uganda: “41 per cent of Uganda’s population lives below the poverty line. It is amongst the poorest nations in the world with 75% of the 48 million population living in rural areas.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the poverty in Uganda. Many live in straw-roofed mud-built homes which have no electricity, water or sanitation.

“At least 20 million people don’t even have access to clean water, with much of Uganda is open water and swampland, deeming it undrinkable. This gives rise to water borne diseases.

“For the triple header running challenges, as I do with all my challenges, I covered all the associated costs (race fee, hotel, travel and food) so that 100 per cent of donations go to the stated cause.”

Nazim had intended to go deliver the aid in person at his own expense on 24th October, however due to the Ebola outbreak in Uganda, has set his plans back. “There have already been fatalities and cases are rising in Uganda,” explains Nazim.

“As part of the five-strong team, we just couldn’t risk the safety of the team.

“It’s prudent to reschedule sometime now potentially into the early part of 2023 when hopefully the Ebola outbreak might be under control.

“Again, this is a fluid situation and I will just have to monitor developments over the coming months. I feel reassured the charity have a dedicated local team out in Uganda who will fulfil any project obligations with full feedback.

“I am profoundly gutted and deflated, if I am honest, as I have been planning for this deployment since June 2021, and have invested so much time and energy towards it.

“So far I have raised over £40,000 – with five mosques and five water wells currently being built by the team already out there. This will be completed in December now. And I have over £3,500 towards the food parcels for poor families each weighing 40KG each.”

Each food parcel contains at least 20kg flour, oil, 10kg rice, tea, sugar, tinned foods, lentils, breads and milk powder.

With the monies raised for Uganda, Nazim’s total charity fundraising efforts exceed a whopping £625,000 over the last decade alone!

He adds: “I am eternally thankful to the donors for their kind donations and on-going support which is humbling. It is because of them that am able to do what I do, and would not be possible without you all. God bless you all!”