Ever since ZEE5 released the trailer for Bloody Brothers, it’s been on everyone’s mind and has built a lot of anticipation. A dark thriller filled with unexpected turns and twists that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. It’s one of those thrillers that has a cliffhanger throughout the story and just when you think have everything figured out… you don’t. 

The series is a 6 part story about two brothers who are completely different from one another – Jaggi and Daljeet. Their lives spin out of control when an unexpected accident occurs. What follows is a series of lies to conceal the truth. However, as more lies are told and more people get involved, it become difficult to hide the secrets that they have been hiding for a long time and slowly slipping out. 

Led by versatile actors Jaideep Ahlawat and Mohd Zeeshan Ayyub, who play Jaggi and Daljeet respectively, they instantly portray the brothers with such finesse that you feel the anguish that occurs. Whilst Jaggi, as the older one, tries to keep a strong resolve and think of a solution that will save himself and his brother, Daljeet is more impulsive and reckless in his decision making that nearly puts himself and Jaggi in a lot of trouble. The chemistry between the two is so realistic that you believe that they are brothers and forget that they are acting. Going in so deep, they portray the relationships that siblings in India have with such realism that it is relatable. 

Director Shaad Ali does an amazing job with this thriller. It’s a simple story about an incident but he mixes it with comedy, mystery and suspense that makes it so enriching to give the story more depth and intrigue. The twists and turns keep you on your feet as secrets are unveiled and helps move the story forward. 

All in all, Bloody Brothers is all about brotherly love and shows the extent to which the brothers will go to protect themselves. With it’s gritty realism, this is show is not to be missed!