Internationally renowned as the enthusiastic mechanical virtuoso on the spanners in Wheeler Dealers, Edd China is back with his own weekly show, Edd China’s Workshop Diaries, broadcast on YouTube later this week.

The series will focus on the practical aspects of Edd’s workshop life, revelling in the detail of the fixes and exploring old and new technologies; covering a wide range of projects from classic cars to amphibious vehicles, tractors and bikes to planes – whatever takes their fancy.

China relishes the upcoming project, which invites viewers into his personal workshop facility in Buckinghamshire.

“I’m really excited to finally be able to bring this project to our fans as it is something they repeatedly have been asking for,” said China.

“Workshop Diaries will let viewers really get stuck into the project and the detail of the fixes, and also provide a platform for instant feedback and interaction. It’s an exciting prospect and it’s great to finally get going!”

The show’s format is as flexible as the content, promising the ability to surprise every week. Episode one airs on Good Friday (April 2nd).