A Harehills man who murdered his wife at their home in Leeds has been jailed for life.

Sajid Pervez, aged 38, was sentenced to life with a minimum of 22 years and 32 days at Leeds Crown Court after pleading guilty last month to the murder of Abida Karim, aged 39, at their home in Hovingham Terrace, Harehills, on September 24 last year.

Senior Investigating Officer Detective Inspector Natalie Dawson, of West Yorkshire Police Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, said: “Abida Karim’s family remain utterly devastated about her murder at the hands of her husband in appallingly violent circumstances in the family home.

“Sajid Pervez has robbed his own children of their mother and, although he has now been held accountable, we recognise that no amount of time in prison could ever properly compensate them for such a dreadful loss.”

In a statement on behalf of the family of Abida Karim by her eldest daughter Sawaira Sajid: “Our mother was the most precious woman who dedicated her whole life to her husband and seven children. She was a devoted wife and mother who always put her family first.

39-year-old Abida Karim was murdered by her husband in their family home

“She spent her days worshipping God, cooking amazing food, cleaning up after us, laughing and smiling and, most of all, giving us the best upbringing and love that anyone could have.

“At night, she would tell us stories about her childhood, how much fun she had growing up around her parents and siblings. She told us stories about religion and always gave us motivational talks about our future together.

“She was a giver; she gave to charity and she gave to the community. She left a positive mark on everyone who had the opportunity to be around her. In our community, she was known as the woman who always has a beautiful smile on her face.

“She was married to our father for 21 years and she experienced domestic abuse throughout her whole marriage. We tried to help her but she would say, ‘Things will get better and you will always need him as he is your father’.

“She never disclosed what she was going through to the community, her friends or her family as she was holding on to the very little amount of hope she had that things would get better.

“Our mother took pride in her appearance and carried herself as an elegant, sophisticated and powerful woman.

“On the night of the 23rd of September 2020, we had no clue it would be the last meal our mother would cook for us, the last time we spent with her, the last time we got to see her smile and the last time we got to feel her presence.

“We did not know that we would be going to sleep and waking up with police officers in our home telling us that our mother has been murdered, leaving us absolutely heart broken and devasted.

“Since that day we have craved her presence and our hearts have been empty. We are grateful for the love we got to experience from her and we have an endless amount of memories to cherish for a lifetime. She taught us all the basic life skills that we will need as well as embedding her morals inside each and every one of us.

“Our mother is a hero to us, she fought for her kids and family till her last breath. She will always be the biggest role model in our lives and she will always be remembered as a soft, gentle, generous, loving, caring mother, wife and woman in the community.”