Public Apology

Public Apology: On 15 February 2016 we published an article concerning Dr Manohar Singh, which suggested that Dr Singh had been found to have engaged in “pervy conduct” involving inappropriate language to a child and was disgraced by the findings of a Medical Practitioners Tribunal, and received a criminal conviction.
We accept that these allegations were without foundation, and Dr Singh is a doctor of good character who has been convicted of no criminal offence. The Medical Practitioners Tribunal has also held that “there are no patient safety concerns in a long unblemished career”.
We are happy to set the record straight and offer our sincere apologies to Dr Singh. We have resolved the matter raised by Dr Singh to his satisfaction, and recognise it may have caused him distress.

In 2016, the article had been written and approved by two qualified journalists, one of whom was the acting Deputy Editor at the time. Both no longer work at Asian Express newspaper in any capacity.


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