Inspiring Indian Women

Women are celebrating women at an awards ceremony supported and hosted by Shri Virendra Sharma MP Southall and Ealing, Chairman Indo -British All Parliamentary Party Group.

Inspiring India Women (IIW) have finalised winners from 13 categories and will gather to celebrate their achievements at the Houses of Parliament. The women are a selection of everyday-inspirers to women who’ve smashed stereotypes with their outreach work.

IIW is a global group with almost 11,000 Facebook followers, making a strong presence across the world. All of their events convey a thought-provoking message with a strong purpose of acknowledging and empowering women.

Inspired by the Poet and Civil Rights activist Maya Angelou, IIW collaborates with other organisations to create opportunities for females.

Rashmi Mishra and Richa Kalra, the co-founders of this group have been working hard in supporting women from all fields to grow personally and professionally.

Says Rashmi: “IIW is a platform with no superiority syndrome as well as no place for jealousy and ego. Our team is friendly and passionate to help and support women from all walks of life.

“The group believes in collaborating & coordinating with other Indian groups to organise events. We have worked closely with various groups like IWIL, IIL, Hindi women in UK, Made in India, IMUK, Jammu Kashmir festival team, Friends of India organisation in Netherland, Spin London and more.

“Our vision is to bring together women from all over the world on one platform and work towards bigger goals; as well as getting wider ideas through networking with females worldwide.

“Our mission is to organise programmes to enlighten cultural heritage and assist in making the presence of stronger Indian community in London and globally.”

Some of this year’s IIW special women

Mrs Kishwar Desai, nominated by husband Lord Meghnad Desai. Mrs Desai has done outstanding contribution in creating the Partition Museum in Amritsar. This is the first Partition Museum in the World.

Ms Prabhavanti Pattni, nominated by daughter Ms Kirti Soni. One of the biggest contributions in few refugees life by giving them shelter in their own house when she herself was a factory worker living with her three children. Thereafter she has been spending time talking with troubled souls and help them overcome with their problems. Her selflessness of taking people into her home free of charge, for unlimited lengths of time, with no strings attached, has helped a Ugandan, Asians and others families from India and Africa life a better life in the UK.

Meena Patel, according to the daughter, when Meena’s husband suddenly passed away from a heart attack after years of heavy smoking, she was left devastated and shocked. In this time of adversity, this 60-year-old grandmother rose like a Phoenix to take control of her life, and decided to run 26.2 miles in the London Marathon to raise awareness of heart disease. This was a first in the local community and people were amazed at this elderly Indian homemaker. She inspired the community into action, educating them and propelling them into improving their own mental and physical health.





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