UK born and raised creative entrepreneur, Shivrani Somaia, composes and sings debut single.

‘Maai-ri’ is a dedication to all mothers across the globe, to pay homage to the unique role that they play in the life of each individual.

Shivrani was born in London to a family of musicians and from the age of four has been studying, practising and performing music.

Having being raised within an Indian family in the UK, Shivrani has developed a diverse range of musical knowledge combining both Western and Eastern influences.

Shivrani began her musical journey with intense piano training from a young age, which was soon coupled with western vocal classes. As time went on, it was important for her to also focus time and attention on Hindustani vocal training to help enhance her repertoire.

More recently Shivrani has chosen to use her musical foundation to begin a series of non-filmy theme tracks, with deep topical subject matter.

“The composition and lyrics are intended to be simple and catchy,” says Somaia; “this track is particularly close to my heart as it is a collaboration between my mother (who is also a vocalist) and I”.

The role of a mother in the life of an individual is multifaceted and unique to each one of us.

“It is a bond that should be treasured.

“Normally it is a mother that sings a soothing lullaby to pacify the child, ‘Maai-ri’ is an attempt to shift the paradigm whereby it is the child lamenting the mother in thanks and praise of her lifelong sacrifice.”
‘Maai-ri’ releases on the 14th May via iTunes and other good digital stores