image1Dishes from across the world, right around the corner

Bradford’s famous authentic halal Chinese cuisine, Rawal’s China Chopstix on Bakerend Road, has now got a handsome sibling next door to keep it company, after the all new Café Rawal enjoyed a major makeover and renovation.

Now with a juicy orange interior and diner-style booths, Café Rawal is already making a big impact in Bradford.

Serving an inexhaustible range of world food, the glass fronted eatery sees queues of hungry diners lining up outside their doors every night.

The menu is chock-a-block full of authentic Chinese dishes, Pakistani food, sublime steaks and a grill section.

Owner, Mr Abdul Raziq Butt, has been in the restaurant trade all of his working life and has overcome many hurdles to become one of the most popular food names in Bradford.

amir khan (253x450)Now, handing down the torch to his sons Wasiq Butt and Waqas Butt, he hopes to bring to Bradford a modern and contemporary feel to the classic and much loved touch of Rawal.

Wasiq, the young and passionate restaurateur explains that Rawal’s moniker comes from the family village in Pakistan where his father is from – Rawalpindi.

He says: “My father has worked tirelessly to build a name from ground up. It’s up to me to take over the family business. Here I am, with a newly renovated establishment that seats a large number of people and can accommodate for small parties and functions, hoping to bring the best of world foods to your doorstep.”

Wasiq’s dad, Abdul Raziq Butt, is ‘the master of curries’. Having won numerous awards in the past for his work, the spice maestro has now handed his recipe book over to the next generation of his family so they can carry on his delicious legacy.

“We’re hoping to expand rapidly and have exciting plans ahead for 2017 with new branches opening, making Rawal, a household name,” Wasiq adds.

SONY DSCSo what’s cooking in Rawal’s kitchen?

“Our pizzas contain certain ingredients that nowhere else does, we spend months analysing and innovating recipes to make sure we stand out from everyone else,” Wasiq explains. “We marinate all our ingredients so each bite is a tasty as the last. As for the chicken – it’s marinated and cooked before it even sees a pizza base.”

The recipe for the lasagnes are home-made. The pasta is thickly layered over a rich tomato and meat sauce, which incorporates the creamiest béchamel in BD3.

Also extremely popular are the new variety of steaks that have an irresistible Asian twist.

“We introduced them into our town branch a few years ago and called them the ‘Sizzling Palette’.”

A metal plate is heated to 350 degrees. Grilled vegetables go on the bottom and then delectable rice is liberally sprinkled over the top. Oodles of noodles are served on one side and chips are found on the other. To round it all off, a delicious steak sits over the lot of it in a feast of glory.

“The whole shebang is then slathered with peppercorn sauce. It’s a real winner,” says Wasiq.

With two Rawal’s on Bakerend Road, we’re all winning when it comes to authentic halal fare and the best dishes from across the world, right around the corner.

Cafe Rawal

254a Bakerend Road,


Tel: 01274 727 070