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Kirkstall waxing wonder-woman is the best in the business

When you’ve got a super smooth body, you always feel on top of the world – and no-one knows how to get your skin silkier than Ruth Van Straten at MaximumWax.

45-year-old Ruth is a waxing wonder-woman whose approachable personality and beauty expertise has seen her build up a winning business and a loyal clientele.

As a professional trained therapist, Ruth is a specialist in both male and female body waxing.

For the past 16 years, she has been travelling in India and South East Asia, learning about the different techniques and styles which are known to give the very best results in body waxing and massage for both men and women.

ruthRuth is trained to the highest standards and uses the best products available on the market – such as Perron Rigot and Outback Organics – which makes waxing with her fast, efficient and almost painless.

She says: “If you feel any discomfort, it won’t be for long. There might be some slight discomfort as the hair is being removed. The light stinging sensation should disappear almost immediately.”

Operating in the leafy suburb of Kirkstall, MaximumWax is a ‘by appointment only’ service, ideal for people looking for the perfect wax in serene surroundings.

Ruth’s practise is extremely discreet. Customers not only receive a waxing experience that is calm and comfortable – but confidential too – as Ruth always leaves a half-hour gap between bookings, meaning you will never bump into anyone else during your appointment.

Every part of your body can be waxed, except scalps, beards and eyelashes.

Ruth urges her customers not to feel embarrassed about waxing intimate areas, as she has seen it all before. More importantly – by waxing instead of shaving, Ruth’s customers save themselves from the pain of ingrown hairs and the itchiness of re-growth.

Bookings are made by appointment only. To book, please call Ruth on

07460 311 097 or 07999 777 168.

You can also visit her website: www.maximumwax.co.uk where

you will find lots more information.