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Heralding from the heart of the country, the energy aggregator has become a market reputable brand name with UK energy suppliers and customers alike.

An experienced team of experts, with more than 30 years of industry experience, provide expert advice to an ever increasing number of UK customers seeking to reduce their gas and electricity bills.

With a seemingly countless number of competitive energy options made available from UK suppliers to the business sector, Lourdes sources the cheapest gas and electricity prices for their customers, removing the headache of shopping around.

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Priding themselves on customer excellence and aftercare, Lourdes Associates ensures every client receives the same committed service as the last.

As the preferred, reputable industry choice for UK suppliers, customers and partnering brokers alike, Lourdes Associates has built up trusted relationships with the most respected names in the energy industry so you can be assured of the cheapest prices, saving you money on your gas and electricity bills.

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Lourdes Associates